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Are you looking for an exotic African beauty for sex, dating or marriage? Then is the place for you. With more than 2.5 million members, and many great features for you to enjoy, this online matchmaking website is a top notch when it comes to finding beautiful African women and men.

The quality of the website's services is guaranteed by the brand it represents. is part of the Cupid Media network of online dating websites. Cupid Media services are known worldwide for their quality. If there is anyone in the industry who offers state-of-the-art online dating services, then Cupid Media is the champion.

For some, services might seem a little expensive, but nothing of quality comes free. If you are thrilled about meeting African beauties, then you will surely find the best here. One thing is for sure: this website doesn't come with scammers or fake profiles. The crew is serious about offering the best online dating experience to its members.

Create a profile, browse photos, and start chatting with African singles right away. You can review and chat with your matches for free. With the paid versions, you can add more photos on your profile, get more exposure on the website, and video chat with others.

The many testimonials found on and the fact that they are backed by Cupid Media make this website the best option for online dating. Start your success love story right away by getting an account on Details

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An free membership offers you lots of possibilities. But, to send unlimited messages and communicate with all members, you need to upgrade your account. The price for a full membership depends on your subscription. A 3 month Gold membership will cost you $24.99 per month. This is an promo price, because you will save 33%! To get access to special features, you can upgrade your account to an Platinum Membership. The promo price for this subscription is $30.00 per month based on a membership for 3 months. So, depending on the type of membership, an discount is provided to you.


The contact adress is: Cupid Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia. The contact number is 011 61 7 55711181 for US and Canadian Customers. reviews (37): - afrointroductions is a total scam


I have had so called connetcions with dozens of women on this site, first they compliment you then they try to get you on whatsapp or skype. once there they send you pictures that are too good to be true. after some conversation they will finally hit you up for money some how. it will be to help pay their cellphone bills, or to get a camera to see you with. avoid this site period.


nothing but scammers

jay does NOT recommend to friends/family - Trashy site


Strange, I seen messages that I did not type, a bunch scamming African women, and narrow minded women from the states, trashy I should get a full refund

There are no pros


Kingeliyah does NOT recommend to friends/family - Calling me a scammer just because I'm Ghanaia


I'm a college educated christian Ghanaian lady. I decided to upgrade to platinum membership and I have been receiving tons of messages but one message got my heart boiling. A man from the UK sent me a message and I quote "so how did you get money to upgrade. I bet you are a Nigerian 419er.Is that your Sis or girlfriends picture". I was so angry I had to calm myself down before replying. Some of the men can be very rude also if you are from Ghana or Nigeria I'm guessing most people just assume you are a scammer because the site includes these two countries in almost all their scam advise which I find very annoying. There are genuine people looking for love from those parts.

Some people just assume you're a scammer if you're from Nigeria/Ghana. - Afrointroductions


This site is full of old disgusting guys who claim to be 30 but when you meet up with them they are well over 45! They use old pictures and provide you with sketchy details about themselves, they call you a b*** once you find....don't look for love there, just don't do it!


Site full if liars and criminals

Daphne does NOT recommend to friends/family - A waste of time, stay away from this site.


If you are educated, have standards and sophisticated this site is NOT for you! The men on the site are rude, old and unattractive. Most of these men are looking for an INFERIOR, DOCILE & VULNERABLE African woman to "Dominate" and exercise their "white superiority" on. On many occasions I was racially abused by PAYING members, I informed the Adminstrators (emailed them, the conversations and members names) and their response has always been "you can block that member".. Another member who'd sent me racially abusive emails because I had politely declined to exchange phone numbers.. Blatantly told me that I could report them but their membership wouldn't be cancelled.. Because they're a paying member.. (They'd obviously done this several times and always got away with it. This was true as the profile remained active and is still active after I reported them to Admin. The men who sent psychotic or racially degrading messages were still allowed to continue to use the site & probably send more abusive messages simply because the site owners don't want to lose any paying members.

This site is NOT safe for women, stay away from it ladies.. The men on there are just way old., (60+ males with profiles seeking young women in their 20's), most are social recluses who use this site as an escapism, also very peverted who think the site is a platform for them to own black women and the admin seem to agree with this, if you politely turn down someone be prepared to receive a lot of abuse, words like black bxtch, n***a, monkey aren't reason enough for the admin to delete profiles. So again ladies be careful!

Another thing.. A lot of married white men also use this site, here's why... The chances of their middle class wife or their friends stumbling across their husbands profile on this site are very low.. You much better off on a mainstream dating site where you know there's millions of people on it so the cheats wouldn't dare show their faces on there!


Admin doesn't take racial abuse seriously.
Old perverted men looking for younger vulnerable women to abuse.
Block feature doesn't block people from viewing your profile.
You get the same message all the time because of a feature which allows you to send out a message which is computer generated so that's annoying.
You cannot delete your profile you can only hide it.
Low calibre members.
Not for sophisticated or educated people the quality of the members isn't great.

Janet does NOT recommend to friends/family - Scammers central!


Site appears good and is easy enough to to navigate through. But, as highlighted by others is full to the brim with "gorgeous" scammers. As a man I shall put the spotlight on women, but of course I am well aware that those women may well be men mascarading as females.

There is clearly a lucrative industry in scammers taking residence on this site, as 85% of the women who responded to my profile all shared the exact hard luck stories of sick mum needing medical fees paid, landlords in hot pursuit of overdue rent, no job, no food etc. and of course I immediately am their nearest and dearest, their darling, and miraculously after a few exchanges of messages, I am their love saviour, and they are completely helplessly, hopelessly in love with me!!! Me, a man they have never met, never spoken to, or even know the surname of.

Some will play the game a little cleverer than others i.e they may prolong the time that a demand for money is made, but be assured, that money demand will rear its insatiable ugly head sooner or later.

My advice. Avoid this site like its diseased. Unless you actually enjoy the thrill of having hordes of fantasy women offering their fictional selves to you. And you never part with a single penny for whatever sugarcoated, tragic reason relayed to you. And with a bit of luck, the one who passes your own integrity test, will be worth developing a relationship with. But do not hold your breath....

perhaps, just perhaps, you may meet someone worthy of your love. Be aware though, it will probably be more hastle than is worth it.

your chances of finding a woman who is not a scammer are slim / negligible.

Andy west does NOT recommend to friends/family - Nothing but fake profiles - total garbage website


Tons and tons of fake profiles. In the first day alone I had over 70 'messages' mostly from Ghana. After only one day of communication with a 'woman' she was asking me for airtime for her phone.
There may be real people hoping to meet other real people, but the profiles are so few and far between it's not worth your time or money.
Some warning signs to watch out for:
1. Incomplete profiles
2. All info is written in lower case letters including their name
3. English is not correct (even though they may claim to have a Master's
4. They almost immediately want to move the conversation to Yahoo messenger
5. They're looking for someone between the ages of 23 and 99 - even though they may only be 23 themselves
6. Only one photo shown and its a very attractive woman
7. They don't carry the conversation like somebody would if they were truly interested in you
8. They use a lot of words like 'my dear', 'my love' or 'the love of my life'
9. Unusual and inconsistent things in their profile
10. They are vague or fuzzy when you ask them specific questions

Use common sense. The 'lovely lady' you're speaking to is likely some dude sitting in an Internet cafe. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!


Pretty much all scammers.

Paul does NOT recommend to friends/family - fake


There men on this site who are fake there have pic that is over 30 years old when you ask them when was pic taken there will tell you taken 2 years ago almost fainted when we met up for a coffee. .BE very careful ladies . Not sure if i can say his name. - For good sake, DON'T send any $$$


Hey everyone, I've been honest as can be in my research for a lover.

Now check this out...Im not a bad looking guy, hit the gym 3-5 times a week, full time job etc...

I never wanted to date a girl from one of those sites, but I ended up getting feelings for this girl. Skyping almost every day, after 2-3 months, we decide to take steps for a visit visa...I sended her a few bucks for the Acces canada fees.

After a few more steps like the letter of invitation, she kept me updated...

Suddenly, she has the visa du 3 months later...

An agent from acces canada calls me long distance to confirm.

Its sounds pretty amazing until now,

In total 6 months have passed, sended her a few more $ to help for the plane ticket...and then...NOTHING!

No more email, phone and skype connection.

Turned out that the so called agent is not!!!!

I called directly and they confirm this guy is not an Acces Canada worker!
Things dont work that way they explain...

Alright, all that to say Im just another sucker here!

Dont trust anyone from these sites! Im burned from

Ren does NOT recommend to friends/family - AFROINTRODUCTIONS ARE CRIMINALS


WARNING afrointroductions IS A SCAM run by criminal devils, there is a special place in the damnation of hell for them. Do NOT ever send them money, you have been warned. You have no idea how evil these people are, vile criminal organization beyond belief.

Jenny does NOT recommend to friends/family

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