Patrick Abiodun Modupe

This scammer name is Patrick Abiodun Modupe his member number is #19489015 his age listed as 45 but he's really 50. His passport says he 40 that was to deceive The United States immigration in getting a visa. He's been deported from UK already for trying to enter with a fake visa. He and his organized crew utilize this site to get victims to marry them so they can get a visa. He has divorced on his page when in fact he's married to 2 women fraudulently. He will tell you he's in the used car business. But doesn't even own a car. He will lure you to whatsapp with his petty scam. Do not send him a dime! Let him starve! He's not who he portray to be! It's all a part of the deception! I've reported him to the site as I was a victim of this guy! They refuse to remove him so hopefully someone will research his name and not fall for the pity story! Little does he know immigration in the USA has a report on him and have flagged his deceptive passport. He will never get that visa to America

Nothing they help the scammer

A complete fraud platform

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