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Lunch Actually - Lunch Actually is Scam


Violet Lim and her husband Jamie Lee once came to church to give a talk.
They claim that coaching can help to find the right partner that God is giving to us etc
Luckily I did a search on the internet about Lunch Actually and found out all the bad comments about them
I warned my friends who went for the talk.
True enough, it was just a sales talk to make the people sign up their expensive packages.

The bible has many verses telling christians to be careful of false prophets like Violet Lim and Jamie Lee

Jeremiah 23:16
This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

Matthew 7:15-20
15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.


Waste your money and time

Denson does NOT recommend Lunch Actually to friends/family

Find-Bride - I don't think it's a scam....


I don't think it's a scam....The thing is younger women are just very materialistic nowadays. That's what they - want - things, and more things and BEST things.... and you should understand that you need to choose good lady even she is after 30. It could be true love and true story for you. I met such woman after year being on the site. She is not 20 of course. but I love her and we are happy together

Edmond does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Lunch Actually - Thank you to Andrea, my dating consultant at Lunch


To my dating consultant Andrea,
I am very grateful for your assistance to introduce L to me. He is a combination of what I desire in a life partner, and is definitely worth the cost I pay for your service (in fact exceeding).
I never take for granted your patience, understanding and listening ear when I met you to pour out my sorrow. You are the epitome of an ideal dating agent. You were sincere and have had wonderful empathy of my plight at that time when I met you. Your professionalism is really commendable. Words cannot do justice to describe how thankful I am to have found L, a very trustworthy man who connects so well with me in all aspects, through Lunch Actually!

Great service! Can't describe my gratitude for introducing me to my soulmate!

Amy does recommend Lunch Actually to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - Great Experience


Life is really incomplete without an honest and loving soul-mate. Thanks to my fate that brought me on this page. I met a girl (who is beautiful as well) on this site. This was my first experience of searching for a girl through internet platform. We were not so serious about each other in the beginning. It all started when she met me in a restaurant for the first time. Unlike other couples, we were quite frank and I found her more talkative than before.
We had a great time on the first date. Later on, both of us decided to take this relationship to the other level. Now, we are living a happily married life from couple of months. I must say that this site is ideal to find the most sincere female friends with no discrimination of race, gender and age. If you are looking for the perfect match, then stop waiting more and register yourself to the site. Literally, the biggest problem of your life can be resolved by finding a soul-mate here. I also recommend this site to all of my single friends. Once you will try, you would definitely love to stick to this option.

no scam

most girls don't have webcam facility...

Robin D does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

Find-Bride - Too good


Take your time building a profile before you join. Try to chat on free sites. Reason? You don't want to fail your attempts because you dont have any experience chatting online.
After free sites it's too good. I like it

Terry does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Lunch Actually - Do not join Lunch Actually



Violet Lim of Lunch Actually loves to get social media such as Vulcan Post, the middle ground etc to write good reviews and free advertisement for her company, in order to cover up all the bad reviews about them on the internet

Lunch Actually is trying to do damage control so don't believe all these success stories that they use different fake online names to write

For real reviews, just google Lunch Actually Review

Google Lunch Actually Malaysia Review on Lowyat Net. Even their malaysia branch also got alot of complains on it

Please do not believe Lunch Actually and contact them to resolve your complain

Here are some real reviews in Malaysia

a. My friend reached out for you like Every week. Your staff answered is always, can't be too picky. In fact she's asking for only a match that is taller than her, yet u send someone atleast 10cm shorter. Later she ask why so, u answer, if the guy wants to cheat, u can do nothing... erm... Then she lose 1 match. She tried again, one of her requirement is divorce with no kids. U send someone with kids... another match wasted.. Then she called to discuss, after discussion, no one layan her after that..I asked her, so how now? She said, forget about it, this agency is hopeless, before signing, full of flowery words, talk like a friend, act so helpful. After signing, so and bye bye. Well reputation? Doubted that.

b. I went for their free consultation before

I ask them questions till they don't know how to answer

me: You charge so expensive price how do we know that you are doing your best to find good matches for us. High chance that after we sign up and pay for it, you will just anyhow introduce the matches

LA: We do our best for all our customers. We will only introduce matches which are more than 70% compatible. (Cannot really remember is it 70% or 80%

me: You and me are strangers. We do not know each other. How will I know that you really do what you mention

LA: We are a reputable company who have been around for a long time. You can trust our company and brand name. We have branches in malaysia, singapore, hong kong etc

me: Haha. California fitness was also a well established gym and setup longer than your agency too but it closed down too. Many customers could not get back their refund

By now, LA don't know what to say

C. Reading all the post, heading that LA is really not doinh a good job. Expensive and hard sell. I wonder if i really should try LA or not.

D. Waste of money, just join more activities or go pickup girls

E. LA girls they source online too, so there is nothing special on the service you get.

Just promote yourself more by attending every event you can or ask your friends to intro

F. I'm one of the membership expired member. They still sending me emails though and sms as early as 6am which is freaking annoying. They are not so keen to "consult" and "understand" your needs after you signed up. But once your membership ended they are passionate to "understand" your needs and provide face to face consultation which I told them is too late and useless now, just bye bye. No more money spend in either Esynchrony or LA.


Nothing good about them

Amanda Wo does NOT recommend Lunch Actually to friends/family

Love Habibi - The real fake


Love habibi is number one fake dating websites.I think site builder make the profile and sell to the mail customer.Mail customer have to be paid and female customer is not paid.I use their website for 4 months and meet 350 fake girl.Very few girl is real.I can say all non beatiful girl is real.Most of the time girl doesn't have phone working, or giving you a number and try to talk with you on whats apps.After few days of artificial talking need some money.How to pay? I tunes card, gift card or other method.Scammer never talk with you or never be interested in vedio chat.
99.99 percent is scammer.Be aware of that.Scammer has hundreds of method to scam you.All is related to take money from you.So never give any cent to any method.Maximum account holder never reply msg.70 percent or more have no photo.Working for love habibi is complete waste of time and waste of money.

Scammer loot your money

Everything fake..

Ebrahim does NOT recommend Love Habibi to friends/family

Lunch Actually - I chose Lunch Actually - and now I'm attached


It took me a year of consideration before I actually joined a dating company. I heard a lot about scammers and people being cheated, but I chose to join Lunch Actually after doing some research.

I first met Denise on a Lunch Actually date in April 2017.I found her cheerful, dignified, and attentive. Initially, when we first started, she wanted to call it off and I was discouraged too.

Luckily, she approached me again after a few days and said she was scared off by it progressing too fast. We decided to give our relationship another go, and I'm glad that we're still together.

We both know that everyone is not perfect, and we're willing to adapt to each other's personalities as well as practice give-and-take in our relationship.

Denise and I are comfortable with each other, and I love that she is understanding. I would advise all singles to keep an open mind. Giving someone a chance is giving a chance to yourself too - you might be missing out on something special if you don't!

I met my other half thanks to Lunch Actually!


Kam does recommend Lunch Actually to friends/family - Fake profiles will rip you off.


Women agree on a price for a date with you, and then you have to pay approx £15 each time in credits (not cheap eh?), to contact them and make arrangements for the meet. And guess what? Yes, that's right. Once you have paid that money you never get a reply from them.
Just another version of a lucrative dating scam. A fool and his money are soon parted!


As many others have said. Fake profiles.

P R White does NOT recommend to friends/family

Lunch Actually - High calibre matches


In addition to mental and verbal chemistry, I guess physical looks are somewhat important to me as a form of attraction. However as long as physically, he looks pleasant ok, that's good enough for me! Specifically, i prefer manly, rugged, or slightly boyish with short hair (not a pretty boy).

I've spoken to Joy about this as well. Also i want to say that I've been very impressed with Lunch Actually's Consultants. I can definitely see and i really appreciate the commitment and hard work that goes behind the scenes. Although i've only gone on 1 date (2nd date tomorrow), I've been very impressed at the calibre of gents! The doomsday complaint that such eligible guys do not est in the singles market may not be true after all! Lunch Actually really does provide a high calibre of bachelor and I'm truly impressed. Joy thoroughly 'lives up' to her name and it's be enjoyable working with you, her and the rest of the team.

Helpful and professional consultants - specifically Joy
High quality database with high calibre bachelor

Cheryl does recommend Lunch Actually to friends/family