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    I refer you to my review on

    I cannot enter the URL but just search for the site and you will find it.

    The gist is that I became suspicious when I tried to subscribe in order to read the messages 7 that had been sent to me in the first week if my account creation. I tried to pay through PayPal since it is more secure but was redirected to a page saying I had to give my card details to

    My suspicions were confirmed once I found negative review after negative review.


    Not a genuine dating site. Government should shut it down and I will see that it does insha Allah.

    May Allah bless you all in your search for husbands and wives and provide for you what is Ameen.

    So-called Muslims

    Disgusting site!!!
    Adeem younis lol what a joke !
    Scam artists!
    Fake profiles- 60% of which are made by the site.

    Dirty people, nothing legit about the site or the owners.


    Disgusting !

    Becareful who you trust on the website

    many lies and fake people there.I met someone on this website ,looking genuine but finally he is a lady's man because I found out that he proposed for marriage with 2 ladies and one lady already plan to marry him . Admin seem useless do nothing to help when I report.

    - Stay Away & Warn others

    This is worst matrimonial site for the following reasons:

    It has the most ugliest and absurd members who have been lying on this site for more than 5-8 years. Also many are married with kids so basically you will waste time and money by joining singlemuslim.

    Singlemuslim administration is mentally retarded. They can suspend female accounts for any reason anytime since it was issued free. One female wanted a guy from a rich respectable family like herself and her account was shut with this explanation by singlemuslim:

    "Your profile has been suspended because of the inappropriate content. The content you have added could cause offense to other members. The content of your profile is very materialistic and if you are seriously searching for those type of criteria, I would advise you to use a different website."

    Which means singlemuslim has no members of good class forget elite. Most members cant speak english, high school drops out living in council houses and working lowest salary jobs. However they are allowed by singlemuslim to ask for a wife with money or "professional wife" whatever that means.

    It is only this website where these council house breed will insult fresh immigrants like their parents once were, saying they are seeking passports while this lot has never afforded a trip outside the welfare limit.

    Old perverts are never discouraged to send messages to girls their daughters age and if she reacts, singlemuslim will delete her account saying she has offended a pedophile!

    If a male member is rude he will be sent a warning note but if a female gives a reaction, she is banned as lets face it the male member paid a few pounds and will be lying on singlemuslim site for more than 8 years!

    This review is based on opinions of 15 singlemuslim previous members who used the site and went into depression as unlike the fake success stories advertised on their site and media, you will end up with waste time, money, peace of mind and eyes. Singlemuslim is only for morons who want a partner way beyond their league and end up with nothing but disappointing all those who will give them a shot. Stay away and warn others

    NONE! Fake profiles, married perverts, absurd administration, rip off

    EVERYTHING! Fake profiles, married perverts, absurd administration, rip off

    Err don't bother!

    Free for ladies but men have got to pay. I don't think there's anyone genuine on there! Time wasters and full on gandus! Married drug dealers & kiddy fiddlers preying on vulnerable women. You report them and the bitch admin doesn't do anything!
    Shakti kapoor lookalikes all looking for an untouched virgin who looks like kareena kapoor. They're all like "Islam is important to me... I want someone to take me to Jannah." I don't think they even know their first kalimahs.


    Full of perverts

    Horrible website

    Let me point out how this website worked for me. When I had a free basic account, I got lots of new emails from random girls. As soon as I became GOLD, they stopped and I never got contacted by them again or got one word replies from them.

    Please, NO dating website is worth 30 pounds a month. IF these were ethical and genuine websites, they would be free and would help muslims find each other as a service.


    Expensive, fake profiles and automatic credit card payments... NOT GOOD.

    Stay away from

    I have been a gold member of Singlemuslim,com for one year. The next day of my one year membership I received an email stating that my membership was cancelled for non-payment. When I contacted them and told them that I had sufficient funds available in my bank account and at this point they told me that their bank had the debit card number that I gave them one year ago and since I changed the card, therefore, they could not take the payment.

    For the first time I heard that they are adopting uncustomary way of collection monthly payments after one year's subscription is over. Now they have asked me to buy another year's membership or pay at high monthly rate i.e. £30 a month.

    This website is absolutely disgusting and waste of money and time. I advise all the brothers and sisters to stay away from these cheaters.

    One more thing which I think to share with you that I created two different profiles at this website as a premier member and as soon as I finished posting the file, I received messages from fake IDs which needed payment to read and when I paid for one ID and replied the message I received and in response the girl replied, "OK".

    What do you understand by this? It means they write fake messages themselves so that you should pay them immediately to contact these "fake profiles".

    Please, please, please stay away from them.

    Alhamdulillah I found her!

    I was looking for that someone special and Alhamdulillah I found her!

    We have been married for 9 months today MashAllah.

    Thank you all.

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