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Last updated: October 13, 2017
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We know how important your faith is to you; thatís why we are recommending you the best matrimonial site for Muslims all around the world.

Created and run by devoted Muslims, Quiran.com has over 4 million active users today and has become the leading website for Muslims who are looking for a carrying wife or humble husband.

There are many reasons why this is the best matrimonial website for Muslims available today. Besides the huge number of registered users, the website comes with a free registration and many vital features to make your life easier when searching for your second half. The matrimonial website follows strict Islamic marriage standards, providing users with safe and trusted dating services. If you encounter any problem navigating the site, then the staff is always there to assist you.

On Quiran, you can create a compelling profile in a matter of minutes, instant message other users, browse and upload pics, be assured that your location remains confident, take advantage of the many chat rooms available, and use the advanced search functions to find partners based on location, age, and faith.

If you enter the website, you can read many testimonials of users who are now happily married after using this website. But itís better to convince yourself by accessing the website and creating a profile.

Join now and find your second half. Itís absolutely free.

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Reviews: 18

Qiran.com reviews (18):

Qiran.com - Scammers


Scammers. Fake profiles. Every time I hide my profile, I immediately receive an email from Qiran that this gorgeous young girl wants to contact me. I go back, but the profile is obviously fake [Country of Birth: US/Country of Origin: US/Language: Russian/Ethnicity: Western European/Citizenship: Work Permit.] The combination is laughable. Thanks to the reviewers, I did not fall for it and saved my money.

Watch pictures of beautiful women and have nice dreams of them.

Everything. Stay away.

Mohamed does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - Theives!!!


Full of false profiles and scammers who would ask you to send money to come visit you. To make it worse, they have activated subscription auto renew without me approving it, when I asked for refund and after mutual insults with their help service they suspended my account. Advice: STAY AWAY from those crooks

real crooks

A User does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - LOST $$ THOUSANDS


PLS STAY FAR AWAY - miracle to find honesty. Same gorgeous women back over a few years and you wonder THEY could not land one?

FAKE, FRAUD, DISHONEST - would not suggest at all

easy use

over the years this dummy lost a few thousands $$ to scammers. feel like a fool. next to impossible to find honesty here, much less a bride

Sadiq does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - Big Scam Never provide them with your Credit Card


I signed up with them and unfortunately provided them with my credit card to be charged for the first 3 months. The membership should have ended after 3 months but they continued to charge my credit card even after I emailed them 10 times asking to cancel membership and to stop charging my credit card. DONT EVER GO TO THEIR WEB SITE OR PROVIDE THEM WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD OR BANK INFORMATION. You will never hear back from them and they don't have any phone numbers to contact. They only have email address which they never respond to it. I had to dispute the credit card charge and it will take 45 days to be refunded to me and I had to request a new credit card to stop them from continuing to charge it.

Marlo does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - Qiran.com is FAKE


I registered on this site with my photos but in 5 minutes they sent me information that my profile was deleted like a fake profile without reasons. For interest and knowing why it happened I had started to register again with the same username but they answered me that this username exists. I guess that my profile will be used with my photos but not I will talk..... I'm nature blonde and pretty attractive. It's a pity that internet life is lie the most of times. And now I have bad sensation that someone will talk to other people instead of me and lie them through my photos

I guess they use fake profiles

Qiran.com - Fake


I live in Canada & all female profile are fake or maybe are dead profile (they do not check their profiles) $50 is the minimum membership & you will get nothing.

easy to use

fake profiles

Adel does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - One of the best Muslim Marriage sites out there


The site is easy to use and allows you to search profiles and show your interest and answer chat requests and messages which were sent to you by other members for free, to be able to initiate a message or request chat you must become a premium member. I find that the site has members from all over the world and most people will find who they are looking for it might take some time but you will surely meet potential marriage partners.

Excellent search tools.
Many features that I did not find on other sites such as phone conversation.
Not too many fake pictures.
Good and fast tech support
Memebers can contact their local agent and pay cash
Good response from other members

Needs a smart phone app

Sami does recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - Only as good as members could be


I was watching this site for about 6 months before I regester. When I searched women in the age group I was looking for I found 15+ pages and each page has 12-14 profiles, I found someone who I was interested in I was not able to send message without becoming paid member which I did, after becoming paid member I discover almost 90% of the members are inactive the site says last log on 3 months ago which is the max time it shows in reality these members have not logged on for a while not even fiesr of my search was active.
I have to agree with other reviews that most of the people on this site are just looking for papers / wants to come the states. When I registered very first day I got "interest" from 7 girls who were almost half my age and were from all around. At the same time I have to say one has to be careful making connection with someone who is already not in the US.
I have to say there are so many Muslim men and women who are looking for spouse but the are not "out" there looking on these sites making it difficult for those who are looking. I am disappointed at the site because it gave me impression that they have so many active members when in reality it's not true.

Easy to use, free to register & search

Would not let U do much without being a paid member
False impression of so many active members
I would not blame site if members giving false info
Missing a lot of features

Only A Mus does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - Do NOT waste ur time!



DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! All of the men are fake and just want green cards, or a second wife. It's bull$hit.

Free. Easy to sign up.

It is easy for people to lie about themselves. When you meet them in person, they are nothing as they described. The men want to meet you alone and just use you for physical pleasure.

Muslima does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

Qiran.com - Fake Profiles on Qiran


I have been following Qiran for some years, I discovered several issues about them.

1. The adminstrator creates fake profiles and try to show that he checks the profiles.
2. They use the same pictures for the past 5 years and moves these picture to fake profiles, created by Qiran adminstrator, to other countries.
3. There are some few real profiles and since they are few the administrator tries to create profiles to show that they have members.
4. The adminstrator creates untrue messages to the members to make them think they are liked but most of this is UNTRUE, they want the user to buy credits to answer to the message.

If you want to use the site, be very carefull.

Yazi does NOT recommend Qiran.com to friends/family

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