Welcome to the number one online dating website for Arab men and women - ArabLounge.com. Note that the website's dating services are not dedicated to Muslim men and women. This website is for Arab men and women, whether Muslim, Christian, or without any religious affiliation. What does this website have to offer for Arab singles from all over the world? Besides its huge database, anyone can create a free and unique profile. Also, members, can search, find, and flirt with other members on the website. Do you want to chat in Arab with single men and women? Then check out the various chat rooms available on ArabLounge.com. We are sure that you will find someone in one of the many chat rooms available. Probably the best thing about this website is that it functions just like a social-media platform. You can message users, send friend requests, and share your views on a message board similar to the one Facebook has. Also, you have the option of blocking users. So if someone is badgering you, the block him or her quickly. Besides the dating services available on ArabLounge.com, you can check out their various tips and stories on dating and romance. For example, you could check Dr. Bousa' very own column where you can read the best advice on dating. With millions of active members from around the world, ArabLounge.com is the best online dating website for Arab men and women. Join today and start searching for an Arab match.

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    they take your money you never get to read your messages i get email telling me i have messages go on the site have nothing inbox i tried to contact these ppl at customer service you can forget about it no response back so i resent another message to customer service got my account suspended i want my money back i would never ever recommend this to anyone ever .


    everything is a con from the fake messages you get cant open cant see and oh the money they charge you to see the same 10 profile all the time ,customer service you can forget it .

    Former Member of Arablounge

    Steer away from this site. I've been on and off this site for 11 years now, I know it pretty well.

    Some of the members are just looking to hook-up and have no interest whatsoever in a long term committment. Even though they will swear by Allah that they do.

    Other members are scam artists who are either married, unemployed, or want your money.

    The rest are either very loose in their Islam or rather are only Muslim by name OR they pretend to be ultra conservative. There's no happy medium. There are no normal people on this site.

    In my 11 years I did not meet a single decent man.


    Scam artists, liars, people looking to just pass time, people who have no actual relation to Islam or Arab culture at all, people who are ultra conservative and hold weird beliefs, and people who are on their looking for sex. Yes, they are looking for sex on an ARAB site...and they find it. There are a ton of girls on there that portray porn like pictures and yet their profiles are not being removed.

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