JapanCupid.com Review - many are over 40 yo geeks

JapanCupid.com - many are over 40 yo geeks


Mostly are old men like over 40 years old never got married,
there are many reason over 40 and never married.

Those say "I have not met right".
I don't think so, they are committment phobiac.
Even 60 yo talk to me. oldre than my father, crazy.

I found many men in japancupid also log in koreancupid, chinesecupid, thaicupid, worldfriend, internationalcupid, dateinasia etc etc toooo many.

they have huge time to kill? or they are mentally ill?

Plus some men are married but saying they are single.
We have website which japanese girls come and talk about geeky episodes with creepy men from japancupid. everyday full of crazy story.

none. it is a false world.

normal men are 20s and early 30s.
normal hunk don't log in much.(they do not log in more than a month sadly, because they are normal hunk)

99% are "I love asian girls!" men.
They never care about indivisual. They just love asian girls.

every vacation they travel asia(cheap country). keep log in cupid searching for asian.

I met some european and usa guys in bangkok. nightlife in thai is too wild and crazy for japanese.
geeky westernguys love it. those kind of type use japancupid.

I am sure they have many asian girls in their Line or kakao or wechat or whatever it is.


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