JapanCupid.com Review - Cupid is a scam

JapanCupid.com - Cupid is a scam


The "Cupid" name is a world wide organization registered i through shell companies in an anonymous tax haven. It has been sold several times for large sums because it is highly profitable and does not pay any tax.
Japan Cupid is a typical example of the way the Cupid companies operate. They use pictures of attractive females to attract males who then have to pay to contact the females. Of course the reality is never the lovely female you were initially drawn to. In fact he is a guy from Africa or an older lady looking to form a connection and then ask you for "support " or help.
The Cupid company makes a lot of money and does not provide any real services.

An excellent way to waste time and money if you are not able to visit interesting countries and actually meet real people.

A complete waste of time.
Run by a company which pays no tax in any country. Sue me if you can prove me wrong "Cupid ".

John Weir does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


Date: February 7, 2017 - 7:33

By: David

Hi. thanks for the review. could you please send me your contact details or a way i could reach you becourse i would really like this "Suing money" before cupid actually sues you. i have done some research (which is more then you have) and i am confident that i could win this. Thank you.

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