total rip off

I signed up for the 3 day trial after a while of browsing and receiving several messages from local girls, this is great I thought THEN the sight showed its true colours??.
I could not access 90% or the features even my own inbox and when I eventually opened my inbox it took nearly an hour to got through to the first girl to read her message and then came the reply, after typing the reply I could not send it, it seemed everything had frozen, so I checked my own sent box and found I had sent the same message around 26 times to this girl if she exists at all ????
I cancelled my subscription straight away after a couple of hours of upgrading and guess what !!!!! I was fine with the 3 day payment but a couple of days later I had a call from my bank to say that my account was frozen due to fraudulent activity. This site not only took out a further 3 day payment then a months payment then tried to take out a three month payment in the space of an hour thankfully that was stopped so my advice to all is avoid this site like the plague.

Free sign up and profile.

Everything on this site is one big con...........

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