Adult Friendfinder Review - Ripoff site.

Adult Friendfinder - Ripoff site.


This website offers three levels of service. Standard, Silver and Gold. Standard is free and does very little. I have been a standard member for years. I recently upgraded to a Gold membership thinking I would have full access to all the features. WRONG. Gold allows you to browse and email all members but doesn\'t allow you to see if they have read your email. That cost 100 points which I have no clue of how much they cost or a VIP membership from what I can tell is basically an addition 150 a year. There are other things that require points or VIP membership. As far as service it is a money pit.

You can actually meet people.

Nickle and dime you to death. Features don\'t work properly (or they send you false information hoping to keep you on the hook).


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