Adult Friendfinder Review - Adult Friend Finder - Frustrating but there are real people on it

Adult Friendfinder - Adult Friend Finder - Frustrating but there are re


So the deal with AFF is you have three choices. You can avoid it entirely, which might save you some frustration but it is free to sign up so why not take the chance. Worst case is you never find someone but at least you tried. Second is to sign up and be PATIENT! The key is patience (and blogging, blogging earns points, points lets you email) without patience a free account will get you nowhere. The third option is to pay to upgrade, and you still have to be PATIENT! Just because now you can email people doesn't mean you should start copy pasting "Fuk me?" emails to every woman in your city. Women don't appreciate being treated like dirt, and they also want someone who wants to give them more attention that just a mindless penis. They already have those if you didn't know guys it's called a dildo.

When you pay to upgrade think very carefully about whether you really want to fork over the extra cash for the gold membership. Besides seeing the newly created profiles 3 days early, and being able to customize your searches better, it gets you nothing else really other than a little gold ball instead of a silver one on your profile name.

Paying for Silver or Gold, you'd be a fool to pay month to month expecting to hook up in the first month. Their guarantee is to meet someone in three months, they don't guarantee how you will meet them or whether that person will have sex with you or not. Meet can be as simply defined as a woman responded to your email. Be prepared to be searching for months before meeting someone for sex. I recommend getting the year package and turning off autorenew immediately so if by the end of your 12 months you aren't satisfied then you don't get roped in to a second year.

I joined for only a month as a silver when I lived in LA the fuck capitol of the world with millions of potential FBs. I was so mad and disappointed when I never got a single response that I decided not to renew. When I moved to Northern Cali, I decided to give it another shot and went for the year subscription plus the porn package (hey free unlimited downloads and I'm bored playing with myself as soon as I get home at least would like to see some DVD quality entertainment rather than flash videos all the time) within a month I met someone, we had a playdate that didn't go so well. A week later I arranged another meet with someone in central cali, we hit it off and screwed for 36 hours before I had to drive back. A week after I got back I met another lady in my city we hit it off and were FWB for a few weeks until things got a little too friendly for the level of benefits and I don't deny women would prefer a friend but this was her end going a little too far over the limit of friends. It was entering slavedom. I've also made many online only friends for emailing and chatting, but I haven't had a partner in 4 months now. So it's not ideal but it is realistic to expect to find someone to have sex with at some point.

I should mention when I joined I was 200 pounds overweight and the girls I was with were not supermodels but the FWB was deffinately cute and I wish we could have stayed together longer. I'm now down another 100 pounds and building a potential relationship with a very good looking woman my age who's slightly overweight but has an amazing figure and I hope we get together.

Keep hope, and realize were wanted for more than our schlongs (because if you think yours is so special get a dose of reality, AFF is a sausage fest at least 10-100 men to every woman in major cities, 100-1000 men / 1 woman in smaller rural areas. If you were a gay guy you would find a ton of action. I have 5-6 gay guys watch me on cam every night.

People who are against AFF usually feel like they got cheated and the reality is they probably weren't patient (both in time and the way they treated the women)

Lots of members, lots of real people, very likely chance of meeting someone if you live in a major city

Lots of fake profiles, annoying restrictions, site is constantly trying to get you to upgrade even from silver to gold, there are plenty of scammers but you will figure out how to spot them really quickly.

an aff guy does recommend Adult Friendfinder to friends/family


Date: September 14, 2012 - 20:51

By: Bruce

Well, I appreciate the article and glad it worked on occassion, but I could use some help since AFF never responds. I have now gotten four flirts that the persons said they never sent - that it was done by AFF. Isn;t that against AFF's own TOS and bordering on illegal?

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