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    Un completo FRAUDE

    La peor forma de perder el dinero, NUNCA oigas bien NUNCA se llevan a cabo en cuentros reales, solo los pobres imbéciles e ingenuos se creen el cuento de que acá se liga fácilmente con chicas reales, NO GASTE SU DINERO EN ESTE SITIO FRAUDULENTO

    Fake as hell

    FAKE!!!! Too many fake profiles and bots. Also, I openly added a description that asks for any user messaging me to tell me if they the site is fake. Guess what? The part about the site being fake or not was deleted for some reason. So, fake as fuck.

    Another FAKE site - save time & money

    They are skilled at the initial responses (and QUICK) and verbage done in some backroom by a nerd with his pants at half-mast drinking a cheap beer getting his "jollies". They "play" but ..ABSOLUTELY no substance at all. Many of the "ladies" are from other sites & few will ever be from your area (ref :ask my location" on every pic - THAT is rarely answered!). Here is a response I got from a "dignified lady" : (after she asked me if I had ever had
    sex in a car" -
    "Im gonna fuck your asshole until it bleeds baby. Im gonna bring a horse and let a horse fuck you in the ass. Then im going to suck your shit off of the horses cock". TRUE!! When I said "WTF" .."she" said ....I was "rude"! Classy site but.. the ytwo perverts that run it...NEED to get their shit together!

    Pretty ladies abundance. (most from other sites)

    It's a frickin FRAUD! See above

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