Another FAKE site - save time & money

Another FAKE site - save time & money

They are skilled at the initial responses (and QUICK) and verbage done in some backroom by a nerd with his pants at half-mast drinking a cheap beer getting his "jollies". They "play" but ..ABSOLUTELY no substance at all. Many of the "ladies" are from other sites & few will ever be from your area (ref :ask my location" on every pic - THAT is rarely answered!). Here is a response I got from a "dignified lady" : (after she asked me if I had ever had
sex in a car" -
"Im gonna fuck your asshole until it bleeds baby. Im gonna bring a horse and let a horse fuck you in the ass. Then im going to suck your shit off of the horses cock". TRUE!! When I said "WTF" .."she" said ....I was "rude"! Classy site but.. the ytwo perverts that run it...NEED to get their shit together!

Pretty ladies abundance. (most from other sites)

It's a frickin FRAUD! See above

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