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2 stars, 2 Reviews

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Tagged.com - Tagged is the pits.


This site has been around a long time. At once point it bordered on the obscene, but they cleaned up there act in recent times. It is not really a dating site and if you are a girl you will be besieged by men from many North African countries hoping to get into the EU by playing on flattery.If you are a man you will received fake mail from Asia from women who seek 'money' by some pretence or another. To post your 'genuine' photos on it can almost guarantees someone will lift them for clandestine purposes. The so-called staff, located in Sand Francisco are void of humour, so if you are foolish enough to join, don't make comments that contain dry humour. They will remove you quicker than than a Swat Team driving out a miscreant in a hostage situation.

As a social website, I can't find many redeeming features due to the fact there are far too many fake profiles there. The Staff complicate with endless red tape the removal of those who break 'Their rules' or steal your photos.

There are much better social websites out there. This should be last on your list.

Paul does NOT recommend Tagged.com to friends/family


Tagged.com - tagged.com review


So I was approached by a recruiter to work for tagged.com so I did some research. Tagged.com does have a lot of good things. It is sort of like a 1 shopping place for all your social needs. The difference between them and facebook is that they allow you to meet new people instead of staying in touch with older friends.

The interface is alright and easy to navigate through. I am a designer with a usability background so I do know what I am talking about. One thing I do see about this site is it can come out as looking kind of sleezy. You are suppose to meet new people so you randomly browse people and send them a message like most dating sites. Because of this the best people do not join this site. It kind of becomes a hook up site. I did some testing. I messaged 20 people, just a simple "hi" and I got "NO" responses which allows me to believe there is also a lot of fake people on the site to make them look bigger then they are. They say there are 100 million users and I am betting maybe closer to 1 million. Also coming from a game background I can tell you their new games are awful. They have a very poor interface, very confusing, and just ugly, especially if you compare them to some of the social games Facebook has. If they were smart they would fire all their designers that make their games.

What they should do is make it less of a dating site. Meetup.com has a really good look and feel to meeting new people. They should allow people to set up groups and invite people to the groups and then that can go on the user's google calendar. They should get rid of the random browsing feature. Get rid of the ugly feature for users to change their background. That was bad on myspace and bad on tagged. If you want to offer your users some control then have them add widgets, badges or apps to their page. Fire your designers and hire people with talent. The whole pet thing is so cheesy. I do like the idea of award and earning money but buying people is so stupid.

. It is sort of like a 1 shopping place for all your social needs. The difference between them and facebook is that they allow you to meet new people instead of staying in touch with older friends.

Just another sleezy dating site where you get lots of spam if you sign up. The games they make are just awful.

Brit does NOT recommend Tagged.com to friends/family

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