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Last updated: February 22, 2017
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AfroRomance offers comprehensive online dating services for those who want to date people of a different skin color. Because the website's member believe that love is more than skin deep, is here to help them find friendship and true love beyond the skin barrier.

The online dating website has managed to bring together people of different color through their services. Thousands of men and women have said that they had been satisfied with the website's services. Living proof lies in the different testimonials found on it. We recommend you check them out right now.

The website has an intuitive designed, and users shouldn't have any difficulties navigating it. Press Join if you don't have an account or Login if you are already registered. From there, you can access and review profiles of other users. Moreover, you can search for members based on preferences and location. So, if you are from New York City, Huston or Toronto, then you can find people thrilled about having a relationship with a person of a different skin tone in no time.

Besides accessing profiles, viewing photos and messaging other users, the site offers an online chat where you can find people based on location and interests. We recommend that you give it a try. Who knows what interesting people await you there? also has a blog and an online magazine. You can access them from the website, and you will surely find interesting articles on online dating and love.

Each day, thousands of people just like you access Go online and find interesting people who believe that love is deeper than skin.

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AfroRomance - Non-members can read and reply to emails?


This takes away from the effort one would put (paying a subscription) therefore overall reducing the quality of the site. I've recognized I get multiple flirts from any one member at a time, but no email. WHY? they are not paying members, and may really like my profile but if he cannot dish out $19.95 for the first date (cost for a one month subsciption) then what is the use? Those who take the time to initiate an email to me, I always out of courtesy, reply, whether I am interested or not.

White guys truly seeking to meet females of a different race...not experimenting. And I am genuinely attracted to them.

Non-members able to read an reply to emails...This should be READ but not able to REPLY...that would give more incentive to the recipient to become a paying member...after all that is revenue right? I've suspended my paid membership due to this flaw.

Lattia does recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - scam


When I joined this site, i thought it was so cool... until I realized only 3 people were online. Never again

AfroRomance - White Men seeking Black Women go to


There are scammers on every dating site out there. That being said, I have found more genuine women on this site than any other.

Don't be be a victim and don't be a whiner. Do your homework, know what to look for, and the warning sign will be easy to see.

There are plenty of resources on the internet to help you.

White women seeking black men, just go out locally and find them. But don't expect a husband from this, look up the statistics. The most successful interracial relationships of any sub group are Black Women and White Men, even more enduring than White/White and Black/Black.

Real black women, seeking real relationships with white men.

Honestly I've yet to see anything that's not present at any dating site.

Dave Cape does recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - I've had a lot of luck with Afroromance


I found this to be a great way to meet people who want to date out - I've met several quality local women on this site, and have being seeing somebody seriously for almost a year. There are some scammers, but they are pretty easy to spot/ignore/block.

Good search features. You can respond to messages on a free membership.

Not many - A nit-pick is that the photo <next><prev> buttons are small and a pain to use - other sites offer easier navigation. The 'height' section is grouped by ranges such as - 5'7 to 6'0 - not much help if he's 5'9 and left wondering if she's 5'7 or 5'11;

Lemm does recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - Afroromance-This Site is a Scam! Don't Pay to


I was cautiously excited about this site and after less than a week my suspicions were correct.

There really aren't many real men interested in interacial dating on this site. I think they are paid to contact women. I had a very similar experience with another site. It's so sad and a shame.


You can set up a profile for free and if your pay attention. Cancel it before you are billed.

Since on-line dating sites aren't regulated nor a they a member of the Better Business Bureau, sites like this are a dime a dozen.

This site is full of scammers. I'm pretty sure they are paid by Chellaul company to contact women and hold conversations with them on the website's email system for as long as possible to continue billing of membership fees.
All of them have the same MO.- send a flirt, then email, ask a series of questions to keep you engaged, maybe pass on their personal # which they are never available to speak to you, and their voicemails don't have a name associated with it.

I will definitely spread the word about this site.... not worth the time to look for a real date.

MissK does NOT recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - We got married!!!


As a single father of a 2 year old I had no time and little hope of a social life that would expose me to eligible women. I found Afroromance online and was pleased with the selection of intelligent, serious lookers.
I fell in love with Crystal's photo of her and her three children. We chatted for a couple weeks and met.
That was 4 years ago.
We got married in August 27th. I never would have found her without this site.

The selection of serious potential mates is just amazing!!!

Troy Latim does recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - Best Decision I Made


I'm Nita and I was almost done with dating because I was so sick of just meeting people that I simply was not compatible with but I decided to try this website because I'm a black female and I date outside my race so it's not as easy to meet my type of guy here in Texas.

Well I've been on and off this site for months with no success until I met Carle. At first I was hesitant because he lived in another state miles away from me but we decided to chat anyway to see what could happen.

That was the best decision I have ever made because this man is so sweet and perfect for me. We currently have a long distance relationship but we will reside in the same area soon. I'm happy we found one another and it's all thanks to this site.

I truly believe I have met my better half.

Wide variety of potential mates.

Well, it may have taken me a while but with patience, I eventually found him.

Nita does recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - Nobody home


The Potential is there but the humans aren't.

It's really hard to think of any outside of the fact that it exists?

The "idea" behind the site is great. But there is nobody home behind the scenes or on the Facebook site. This site could BLOW UP the internet dating circle and be extremely successful IF the owner took more of a hands on approach to it along with marketing the group.

Per the site: "All accounts are reviewed by human staff individually, so please do not add your personal contact details or your account will be banned without further notice. This includes any reference to email address, telephone numbers, other websites, instant messengers and internet service providers. Profanity and obscene profiles will also be banned."

FALSE! I have seen just today TEN profiles that were NOT reviewed by a human. If they were, they would have been able to see grammatical errors which are common with African scammers. One individual talked about his love for his daughter and in the very next sentenced, referenced this child as a "he", along with sentences that sounded like he copied and pasted bits and pieces from other profiles. IF someone read that and not scanned it with a computer program that has specific words in it that are considered unacceptable, they would have never put that profile on the site as live.

There is so much potential for this site, but sadly as with most interracial ideas, sites, blogs, etc ... they fizzle out and it's nothing more than someone getting rich off of $19.95.

jazzinwine does NOT recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

AfroRomance - success


I am happy to say I met my present husband through your site in 2007, we are now happily married for over three years. Thanks very much for bringing us together.

Twaylay and Konevax

There are a lot fo genuine people on this site.

You have to be patient in your search.

Brenda Hin does recommend AfroRomance to friends/family

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