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Are you looking for an exotic African beauty for sex, dating or marriage? Then is the place for you. With more than 2.5 million members, and many great features for you to enjoy, this online matchmaking website is a top notch when it comes to finding beautiful African women and men.

The quality of the website's services is guaranteed by the brand it represents. is part of the Cupid Media network of online dating websites. Cupid Media services are known worldwide for their quality. If there is anyone in the industry who offers state-of-the-art online dating services, then Cupid Media is the champion.

For some, services might seem a little expensive, but nothing of quality comes free. If you are thrilled about meeting African beauties, then you will surely find the best here. One thing is for sure: this website doesn't come with scammers or fake profiles. The crew is serious about offering the best online dating experience to its members.

Create a profile, browse photos, and start chatting with African singles right away. You can review and chat with your matches for free. With the paid versions, you can add more photos on your profile, get more exposure on the website, and video chat with others.

The many testimonials found on and the fact that they are backed by Cupid Media make this website the best option for online dating. Start your success love story right away by getting an account on Details

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An free membership offers you lots of possibilities. But, to send unlimited messages and communicate with all members, you need to upgrade your account. The price for a full membership depends on your subscription. A 3 month Gold membership will cost you $24.99 per month. This is an promo price, because you will save 33%! To get access to special features, you can upgrade your account to an Platinum Membership. The promo price for this subscription is $30.00 per month based on a membership for 3 months. So, depending on the type of membership, an discount is provided to you.


The contact adress is: Cupid Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia. The contact number is 011 61 7 55711181 for US and Canadian Customers. reviews (50): - can't say for sure .


I joined the site in 2011, I met a few guys who were paid members. I believe the way a person would behave in a relationship even without the help of the site is basically the same. However some guys who are paid members fill they have an edge and appear pompous. It's not easy to pay here in my country, ( well I think so).
I met a guy and he was so very interested and he told me he loved me, I was swept off, we met , we got engaged, things started going wrong, and then worse.
we are no longer in contact, I still have his ring. He met my family.
My point is we both contributed in the failure of the relationship. nothing to do with the site.
The same things that apply in relationships not through sites apply,
I believe we would have crashed if we had gotten married.
He never left the site, he had and I think still has the idea that there's someone perfect when he is not.

it's an opportunity to meet,only if there are decent and honest men there.

the men who are out to have 'fun'. what in God's name does that mean. - Afrointroductions


My friend and I joined this dating website for 2weeks and my friend got the shock of her life when she responded to a certain male member only to meet someone else for the first real meeting!! The first meeting went well as my friend really liked the guy who turned up but still got worried that the man looked different from the photo she saw on the dating site. She mentioned it to the guy who brushed it aside so my friend decided to agree to go on a second date with this different guy only to get to the bottom of the whole scam. On pressing the man about why he turned up to meet her instead of the man she saw on the photo, the guy gave in and confessed that the guy and profile on the dating site was his good friend helping him to find a good woman. To cut a long story short, the guy actually wanted a woman with a residence permit in the UK to marry so that he and his wife and kids get to join him in the UK. It turned out he was not looking for love but to save his back with a sham marriage. My friend told the guy that she would think about it and that added petrol onto fire as the guy now began to pester my friend to go and engage in a sham marriage at his solicitors to which my friend decided to show the conman that she was not a fool to fall for his fake charms. My friend blocked the man left, right and centre as he frantically tried to phone her and send messages. My friend lodged a complaint with Afrointroductions who seem to be powerless to stop this scam going on on their dating site. My friend has kept all her correspondence with Afrointroductions on file in case one or more women fall prey to this scam or worse still get into grave danger from these bogus men with evil agendas. I got fed-up and decided to remove my profile and so did my friend. TERRIFYING ORDEAL!!

Meeting a variety of men without upgrading.

Meeting scammers then Afrointroductions acts powerless. Members/scammers putting unsuspecting women at risk by arranging dates for their hidden fello-scammers who do not wish to be members on the site and remain in hiding tp perpetrate their hidden crimes, which is dangerous and risky to women.

Lee does NOT recommend to friends/family - Good website if you are a gold or platinum member


I have been using this website for a while. If you are a free member you can search and sent intrests but you cannot read any messages unless the person you contact is a gold or platinum meber (but not that many girls pay for shit like dating sites, so as a man you have to pay).

In my country don't live to many black girls but I had at least 10 dates with african girls from this website, they where all very pretty, they were NOT hookers and they were all over me all night. So yes I had fun and so did they. For me this site is ideal because in my town there dont live any black chicks so is easy to look for a date with an african chick without looking too hard in other cities or obscure places where you dont wanna be at night like the amsterdam ghettos.

Real girls, no fakers
Real dates
Site has Chat function/webcam function (if you pay) where you can chat safe without somebody knowing your email/skype/phonenumber etc.... (of course you can give it to them if you want but if you are the cautious type you can chat without giving any personal info).

-Free member ship is very limited, only search (unlimited) and send intrested.
-If you want to read messages or chat / webcam chat you have to pay monthly fee.
- Monthly fee is 30 dollar a month which is a bit expensive.
- An occassional girl from africa might want to ask you to send her money or plaintickes but you cannot blaim afro-introductions for you being a stuid moron if you do that.

Marcus does recommend to friends/family - Massive Scam - Stay Away!


I actually feel sorry for the few poor folks who are really trying to find "the one" on that scam site.

Very little

Very many

Cumiffy does NOT recommend to friends/family -


The following review are true, I been a Afronintroductions member for over 7 days now, I found the site easy to use and many women willing to answer an e.mail request, the 1st. six people who e.mailed me back with the standard greeting, and after reviewing there profile, and to add their profile wasn't very interesting, the profiles are all mostly the same young or old, some of the pictures posted on the site are are taken in gallery's, but most are taken by there cell phone, or someone else camera phone. I feel with age and time under my belt I'm not too bad with of a good judge when it comes down to people, human nature, and weeding out lies, so after the first day, I received few e.mails 2nd. a little more and I replied to 5 out of the 14 of the e.mails. now, I was very careless and didn't write any questions down, so everything in the beginning was off the cuff, so I went on for hours with this one young lady and right out of the gate and after a few hours she started to say how much she love me, and she want me, the auto light went off in my head. The big caution sign flashed also in my mind, so I started to slow the speed down, ask certain questions, I mostly used open ended questions , and less close ended one. Now, fast forward to day 7. I've learned a lot in a few days some about her family, about her self, relationships, schools and future plans even her real name, and The problem with most people from another country, and web sites like afrointroduction is they place there ad with the site, and have some intentions, of finding a true friend for some advice with daily decision, help with some money or just moving out of there country and living in the USA, and it's up to the person reviewing the profile to answer with some words of advice or offer to help with money. This girl is not a dummy, so I knew how to direct the conversation and keep within the speed limit, but know just like anything all good thing must come to an end and I think she is growing tired of this the questions and answer game and she is ready to resume her outside interest with her friends and family, so for me the contact with her is taking a turn away from me and maybe even the site, cause she did not have to pay to join or read mail..The good news for me is, I learned a lot, and it was fun but now, and now I can rest cause I'm done. good night all hope this was helpful

The open site is very nice and most of the people are interesting you can learn a lot, the cost is low to join, I.M connections are very good, most are honest to a point. keep your questions open close end at first and open ended later research, keep an open mind and have Fun most all have fun, remember pen pals start out like that.

Too many woman with underline intentions, don't be easily pull into stories, most of the women use speak English good, or very good this is not always true. the name isn't real unless you get to know them or it's verified. too many I.M and e.mail request with no answers. do not let the girl or women control the conversation, do not spend to much time cause the time in there country is 12hrs would be help for to have an online clock of the time in there country of the time.

Dave does recommend to friends/family - Gen or Con


You can meet all types on this site, becomes addictive to some, just stay on it for a few months and you'll see the genuine's against the chancers. I'd say most coming from deprived countries are looking for a way out of them i.e. marriage. Then we have the others, the obvious con's who think they're being smart and going long roundabout ways to try and get what they want. Probably 30% of the women are already making their earnings in other gratuitous ways. Don't believe me ? If they're so poor how come they can afford to sit on the net for hours at a time, so where's the money coming from ? I know some are really good and genuine women but they only form a minority unfortunately. They want to take, take, take and give little in return. They also don't seem to understand that for us to chat with them it costs money, yet after five minutes of small talk they ask you to transfer to Yahoo or Skype and don't realise that this eats up their money because of the data transfer amounts that they have to pay for on the net.

Lot's of non paying members so choice is fairly good.
Ease of use of site.
Always some online 24/7.
Mail system to introduce yourself to others.

Aggressive females.
Poverty in abundance.
No fees paid by deprived nations for membership.
Annoying features on site when IM's come in to you.
Annoying time outs after certain period of inactivity.

John does NOT recommend to friends/family - Try it Now, it works.


Hi, i was referred to this site by a friend who is now happily married. I have tried it and it worked for me too, i hope to get married too soon. Thanks.

Not all African girls here are scamers or opportunist, we just want something new and out of our cultures. Hey men out there, take your time, there are real nice women in Africa.

You get to know so many people from all over the world. Choice is variety.

So many scammers, including men.

Niami does recommend to friends/family - just know your self in every where in every time w


just know your self in every where in every time what we want to do in our life , so the Afro introduction must be minimized the 50 characters when the person written about them selves in heading profile. to get "wow" rn

noting up ! rn

any thing

boris does NOT recommend to friends/family - to meet


ready to trust .....

why don't allows for accept/write 1st message for standards members pls give this chance for us(standards members);
thank you for understanding

samuel does recommend to friends/family - Ms


I think afrointroductions is a scam, alot of people are only interested in getting a visa or moving to the US. Be careful very careful

Stacy does NOT recommend to friends/family

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