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Last updated: November 10, 2017
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Date a Crossdresser

Cross dressing can be fun and entertaining for many men out there. However, this fetish is often looked down upon and a lot of prejudice weights on persons who get into this. is the favorite online place for crossdressers to hang around. And you, too, can take advantage of a strong community of like-minded people.

Creating an account is absolutely free. In no time, you will have a complete profile and will be an able to browse and review many profiles of crossdressers from all over the world. Donít forget to upload your best photos with you in women lingerie. This way you will be sure to attract more views and interact with more interesting people.

The search options allow you to find people near your area. Each day, hundreds of crossdressers are checking out this website, so you will surely find someone from your area. When visiting a profile, donít forget to send a flirt or an instant message. This way you can let the person know that you are interested in him.

We like that you can search for other people based on their current state. Scroll down to the end of the page, and you will find a complete list of states in the US and Canada. There, you will find listed all the people from that particular state.

Also, you can block and report fake accounts. This way, you will keep the community safe and clear from unwanted guests.

A safe and united community of cross-dressers, is the place to be if you are looking to find people just like you. Join now and find new, like-minded friends.

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Date a Crossdresser - Avoid it... just avoid it


As others have said, an extremely poor site. There are some genuine users, but they're so few and far between, it's just not worth trying to find them. The admin seem to add new fake users every week in many areas geographically, but because of the amount of these, they don't seem to keep track of them and keep them active. This just adds to the masses of inactive profiles, who's last activity was "2 weeks ago".

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Don't waste your money.

None that I can think of

Lots and lots of inactive users
Many new fake users
Old profiles being operated by admin
Paid users will receive messages from fake users
Free profiles have no features

yvonne does NOT recommend Date a Crossdresser to friends/family

Date a Crossdresser - Do Not Use This Site - if you have a problem, don&


I'll keep this brief:

1. most of the profiles are fake

2. after exchanging a few emails with a person I sent my contact information (email), by request, and two seconds after i sent it my account was closed without explanation and I was locked out of the site. I complained through their online chat and the person on the other end said the fraud dept. had closed it and didn't give them an explanation. they were a tech support service paid as a contractor by the site and do not have any actual contact with the site's admins. i hadn't done anything wrong and have not had any problems on any other site i've ever used. the lack of response was really rude and suggests they know they don't have much competition and don't care about their customers. they did refund my payment. overall it was bizarre.


fake profiles.
huge silent wall between admins and users.
willing to treat people poorly who are already treated poorly.

do not use it.

samantha does NOT recommend Date a Crossdresser to friends/family

Date a Crossdresser - Waste of time and money


I am not even sure where to start. I joined this site when it first came online, and received a free lifetime premium membership, as it was new enough they were attracting start up clients with the free membership. I cancelled it! Now how bad does a site have to be that people are cancelling free memberships just to not be associated with it?

My opinions are as follows:
1) A good portion of the profiles are fakes, many with the same pictures for over 4 years at least, yet they are shown as logged on recently all the time. Now ask yourself, what CD who is brave enough to post pictures at all, is not going to post new ones from time to time? WOULDN'T YOU?

2) Free membership gets you NOTHING. You can create a profile, and that is it. So you can do just enough to be bait.

3) What you CAN/CANNOT do:
A - You cannot reply to an email from a paying customer.
B - You cannot see who has viewed your profile.
C - You cannot enter the chat room...OK, so that one is a me! I think its running DOS.
D - You cannot send messages, or IM.
F - What you CAN do, is smile and look pretty, and be free advertising for this site to draw in paying customers YOU cannot talk to.
E - You cannot get ahold of "support" Kills me to even call them that.

Pros: I do not care who you are....that's funny right there!

This sites continued existence.

Katyana does NOT recommend Date a Crossdresser to friends/family

Date a Crossdresser - place sucks


well joined there as paying member chat room sucks all the time it has to refresh and log back on. site admin could care less as long as they get a paycheck. whispers don't work, IM don't work also. if you post anything about the problems in forum they delete it. and when you get under there skin they ban you from there and chat city also.
they don't care much about us just the cash cow...

what pro's ????
well found new site and they really seem nice ..and all the members are also

here it is

just about everything there

fran pertc does NOT recommend Date a Crossdresser to friends/family

Date a Crossdresser - Not cutting it


I been here on and off for a few years and each time I pay for the site I kick butt is sore and I am not renewing and I dont suggest you do either. As for services all the complaints are true. I also find there isnt just old but probably fake profiles.

Date a Crossdresser - Member


The website is notoriously slow. There are times when you cannot even log in.
Instant Messaging is a joke; you often get your IM hours later as an email notification.
Too pricey for the service. I quit and demanded a telling if I will get it.

Some sexy ladies

Non-functioning IM
Problems logging in; even in non-prime hours.

Christy Ian does NOT recommend Date a Crossdresser to friends/family

Date a Crossdresser - Diva


This site is clogged with abandoned profiles.

There is virtually nothing you can do as a non-paying member. You can't contact anyone, and if they contact you their mail cannot be read for free.

They will take your pics and profile and use it to attract men and seduce them into paying for a membership, yet give you nothing in thanks.

There are free sites out there that give you total access, like collarme and fetlife

Can't see any.....

Virtually zero site access for free members....

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