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Last updated: May 15, 2018
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Dating Buddies

We are all looking for that perfect buddy to date, but things can get quite hard. Thereís not enough time to go out and meet new people, life is stressful as it is, and dating people within your circles can sometimes be dangerous. Also, you probably donít trust online dating that much.

DatingBuddies.com is a sure deal in the online dating world. Unlike other sites of its kind, this one is easy to use, and more importantly 100% sure. Here, you wonít stumble upon scammers and spammers due to the security soft utilized by the company.

Anyone ca create an account in minutes and have a complete profile in no time. Once you are on, you can take advantage of the many great features offered by the website. You can add photos, browse profiles, search for members, chat with people and get the best match for you from Datingbuddies.com

But the best part would be its large database of users and the number of people checking the site out each day. Right now, hundreds, if not thousands of users are looking for a date, a fuck buddy and even a serious relationship on this excellent website.

Come and join one of the fastest growing dating platforms in the world. Here, you wonít find only a hookup for tonight; you will find real people and meaningful relationships.

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URL: http://www.datingbuddies.com/

Recommended: 20%

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Reviews: 3

Dating Buddies reviews (3):

Dating Buddies - This site says free to register and that's it


As a female new to the dating world again, and has always been sceptical of online dating sites! Now I know why... all these sites want is money, money, and money!! You pay for this that and the next thing you know they want you pay to even view a message!! I'll be deleting my account..


Everything about this site!! Think twice,three, and four times before signing up on this site!!

Cj does NOT recommend Dating Buddies to friends/family


Dating Buddies - Bogus/Fake


This is as bad as it gets when it comes to dating websites. They send fake interests (baiters) to you and even when you immediately reply back, 99% of the time there in no reply in return. Of the 100 or so messages and interests that were sent to me only one was real. I wish these idiots would only realize that they could make more money in the long run by running a legitimate dating website. Stay away at all costs!


See above.

Rob does NOT recommend Dating Buddies to friends/family


Dating Buddies - free communication is announced and never given


they send emails announcing free communication weekends. But when I try to read emails in my inbox as promised, I am only shown a page attempting to sell the membership. This has happened several times. Twice I complained on their feedback page and I never got any reply.

maruli does NOT recommend Dating Buddies to friends/family


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