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Last updated: March 28, 2018
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Pantyhose Dating is a great site for every fan of pantyhose, lingerie and other types of intimate undergarments! Register here and take your dating to a whole new level: talk, connect and share intimate thoughts and opinions with people from all over the country about pantyhose and other underwear which you like! Don't suffer from prejudices on generalized dating sites where people might not understand you; be smart and use this fantastic dating service to your advantage! You've got a real winner here: pictures, profiles, chat, messaging, search options.

Don't limit yourself because you have plenty of space and opportunities to present yourself to others - remember that your profile will be active all the time, so you're basically dating 24/7! This is a chance not to be missed; registration is simple but you will get a powerful tool to help you satisfy your dating needs! Pantyhose Dating is a great site which will help you to finally meet interesting people who will enrich your life with new experiences and their ideas about the world, dating and everything else! Register now and get your complementary profile!

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Pantyhose Dating - Scam


Its a scam, plain and simple, like so many others they rely on people (mainly men) that are desperate to meet someone and then you will get charged for talking to automated systems and non existent users. Just look at the women on the ads - really does any one of these look like they need help dating, but be sure they are part of the same scam.

None, steer clear

Scam hiding under the pretence of a dating site.

Andylaaauk does NOT recommend Pantyhose Dating to friends/family

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