PokeMyBubble.com offers the entire online dating process for free

Charges for online dating can range up as far as £50 per month and more. Few sites operate the full dating service for free, but PokeMyBubble does and it also offers free, fun and engaging competitions. Registration, searching, messaging and exchanging details are all free on this new style dating website with the interactive bubble.

The entire dating process can be carried out for free and it also makes the meeting process a quicker easier one. This doesn't mean that you?ll be getting married and having kids quicker, it means the enrollment process is quicker and easier and you can get matched and start flirting with other users in under a minute.

Many people get frustrated with vast design changes that make social networks confusing. PokeMyBubble is about providing quick, relevant information in a fun manner that also has the option to be inclusive of others and also offers competitions that will attract more users. Social sites should be more about the content you are looking at, rather than the device, or systems you are viewing the content on.

Published on March 26, 2012