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Last updated: January 10, 2018
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2 Red Beans

2RedBeans - also known as the Chinese OkCupid - is the most popular online dating website for Chinese singles to meet. Created by a Chinese immigrant to the USA, the website was considered a must for other immigrants, as well as Chinese Americans, to get to know other conationals. Today, more than 700,000 users from China and the USA are connected through this dating platform.

Although 2RedBeans has an English version, the Chinese one is more prevalent. This is because language can be a real barrier for people trying to find true love or simply connect with other Chinese people.

An interesting thing about 2RedBeans is that it provides users many non-verbal ways to interact. That's because Chinese singles tend to be shy, as a cultural mark, and features to express ideas and feelings in non-verbal manners can really break the ice in a conversation.

If you are Chinese American and are feeling alone, then sing up on 2RedBeans through your Facebook or Weibo account and search for other people just like. You can make Chinese friends in your local area or find the love of your life in China. Don't miss out on opportunities.

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2 Red Beans reviews (4):

2 Red Beans - Too Many Fake Profiles


I can honestly say I was contacted by far too many fakes profile users I reported and 2 Red Beans reported as having been reported by other users and banned as fake In addition, there is a huge difference between being shy and being racially biased. Many Chinese are prejudiced and not only against other races but are gender biased too. This does not speak for all Chinese, but is true nonetheless. One good thing I can about the site is that staff are quick to inform you after you have been messaged by fake members, that the user has now been removed.

My experience is staff are quick to respond to user comments and concerns after getting to know their users. After creating my profile I had to write several times and wait days for assistance before staff responded. Afterward all other replies came quickly from staff. There is a feature where you can become phone number verified for free. There is also a paid subscription for $2000 that offers validation that users are single, divorced, college degreed, employed, and staff claim to personally match you with those users, but with so many fake profiles and users who don't respond on the free use feature, it is risky to invest money.

Too many totally fake profiles, too many users too ignorant to reply to genuine messages, also being unable to respond to messages without paying to unlock them are the cons. You feel confident paying for a dating service that actually works where users are educated, mostly unbiased, and seeking good companionship. You don't pay for a dating service where most(!) users who contact you are using fake profiles, and many other users do not respond because your race is different. That is my honest assessment and experience with 2 Red Beans.

Jackie does NOT recommend 2 Red Beans to friends/family

2 Red Beans - agreed, too many decoys and fake profiles


i agreed with a previous reviews, there are too many fake profiles and decoys in this websites. be aware!


be aware and be careful

jim does NOT recommend 2 Red Beans to friends/family

2 Red Beans - Too many decoys


Paid 6 month subscription. Two of many I tried to contact did responded at first, can not be reached after. I cancelled the subscription after one month, and been told no refund will be given.

Pat does NOT recommend 2 Red Beans to friends/family

2 Red Beans - The best dating site for Chinese I found so far.


Lots of users, lots of communication. Very nicely designed!

Alan does recommend 2 Red Beans to friends/family

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