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Are you looking for an exotic African beauty for sex, dating or marriage? Then is the place for you. With more than 2.5 million members, and many great features for you to enjoy, this online matchmaking website is a top notch when it comes to finding beautiful African women and men.

The quality of the website's services is guaranteed by the brand it represents. is part of the Cupid Media network of online dating websites. Cupid Media services are known worldwide for their quality. If there is anyone in the industry who offers state-of-the-art online dating services, then Cupid Media is the champion.

For some, services might seem a little expensive, but nothing of quality comes free. If you are thrilled about meeting African beauties, then you will surely find the best here. One thing is for sure: this website doesn't come with scammers or fake profiles. The crew is serious about offering the best online dating experience to its members.

Create a profile, browse photos, and start chatting with African singles right away. You can review and chat with your matches for free. With the paid versions, you can add more photos on your profile, get more exposure on the website, and video chat with others.

The many testimonials found on and the fact that they are backed by Cupid Media make this website the best option for online dating. Start your success love story right away by getting an account on Details

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An free membership offers you lots of possibilities. But, to send unlimited messages and communicate with all members, you need to upgrade your account. The price for a full membership depends on your subscription. A 3 month Gold membership will cost you $24.99 per month. This is an promo price, because you will save 33%! To get access to special features, you can upgrade your account to an Platinum Membership. The promo price for this subscription is $30.00 per month based on a membership for 3 months. So, depending on the type of membership, an discount is provided to you.


The contact adress is: Cupid Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia. The contact number is 011 61 7 55711181 for US and Canadian Customers. reviews (50): - Ms


I think afrointroductions is a scam, alot of people are only interested in getting a visa or moving to the US. Be careful very careful

Stacy does NOT recommend to friends/family - afroinroduction is my good site i ned it


i need it the world is my site

amoah erne does recommend to friends/family - to know about heading profile


just know your self in every where in every time what we want to do in our life , so the Afro introduction must be minimized the 50 characters when the person written about them selves in heading profile. to get "wow"

noting up !

any thing

shmels does NOT recommend to friends/family - Mr


I think there's a bunch of lies about a certain number of people being online at any time. Are they ghosts. Reason i'm saying this is that I've tried to chat with any or all of them (those on gold membership) several times with no success.
Is this a scam to get you to upgrade to premium membership? I hope not.

Mowendi does NOT recommend to friends/family - Avoid at all times!!!


Yup. This site, and its spin-offs are a mayor rip-off!!
Their members consist of 90% scammers, and the site itself is probably the biggest scam.
While they leave obviously female scammers alone, they make male members pay in order to allow you to send/receive mails, and a couple of days later they simply ban you from the site, without a refund. This is pure swindle!
Avoid, they are scammers.



roger does NOT recommend to friends/family - single


please provide my personal information to your chartrooms.

Jackey does recommend to friends/family - Customer Service


We understand your concern however we can assure you that our dating site is legitimate. Our site is owned and operated by CupidMedia Pty Ltd.

CupidMedia Pty Ltd is our company name. Our business has been operating since 1999. We are an Australian company are therefore subject to strict rules and regulations which govern how a company may operate. These rules and regulations are similar to US or European rules and regulations.

We would like to assure you that we do not pass anyone's email address, name or confidential information to any other companies. Our Privacy Policy confirms this, and can be viewed on our website ( Australia has very strict laws protecting private information with substantial penalties for companies which break these laws. We adhere to all laws relating to the running of our company.

You can also verify our status by logging on to our site, clicking upgrade membership, then select PayPal as the payment method. (PayPal is a large US Company which is owned by eBay. They can also process credit card payments for us). After you enter your member number and membership length you are transferred to PayPal and you can click on the link which says "International Verified" which will then confirm our status and indicate the number of people who paid us using PayPal.

To find out more about our company please feel free to visit our website:

On we take the following actions and measures to minimise a member's exposure to scams and fraud:

* Delete any profile believed to be non-genuine.

* Provide a feedback form for members to provide information about members who ask for money or profiles they are concerned about.

* Provide extensive information regarding how to avoid being scammed in the "IMPORTANT: Sending Money" section located via the main member menu.

* Email all new premium members with a copy of the information contained within the "IMPORTANT: Sending Money" section.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further enquiries. - beware of afrointroductions


Review: is a company that provided my personal information to some of it's members, including my name, address, phone number, email address and IP address. the information was posted in their chatroom. this information has been used by its members for identity theft and there have been attempts to hack into my computer as a result of this security breach.

your personal information is compromised by the site administrators. the majority of the profiles are fake and there are many 419 scams. the site does little police its own members - ITS AFROINTRODUCTIONS.COM


Note there's an "S" at the end . that's the correct page. it's still working - Webiste Difficulty


Laterly, your webiste has become iincreasingly diffciult to access. The webiste linkage appears to redirect customers to unwanted site Could someone please explain what is going on with your site. I observed this difficulty after subscribing for three. If you are experienceing some technical diffciulty, perhaps, you should notify your custmoers promptly unless if this difficulties are percuilar to registered memebrs ONLY.

If this is the nature of the services provided to sunscribed members by, perhaps, members should be fully aware and informeed that once you subscribe, it may be difficult to access the website. I will be glad to put this information on YouTube for you if decide to ignore this concern.

Have a nice evevning

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