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Want to tie a girl near your area? Then access right now. With over 1 million registered users, this online matchmaking and adult hookup website is the fastest growing BDSM and fetish online community. Part of the FriendFinder Network of online dating websites, is the place where you have to go if you think you had seen them all.

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Reviews: 4 reviews (4): - A pure bogus site


I'm in BDSM lifestyle since mostly 30 years and I subscribed to ten years ago, but it was not decisive : too few people on the chat and few french people except from Paris.
Two months ago, I subscribed for one month. I noticed that the site had become totally phony : fake profiles, fake pics, porn stars photos for most profile, fake online people. Is it due to the subscribers? Not at all.
I created with a sub of mine, and with a special IP, a woman's profile in Brittany the place I live in France : Diotima. When I connected to she was always "on line" While she was next to me, smiling. Others "online" subscribers from around were porn stars pics.
Most of all, some days ago, I found out that the administrators organized "Automatic renewal of the subscription", and stole me 69Ä while I believed my subscription ended.
It is possible that the acquisition by Ventnor in 2009 provoked this change but in anyway is mainly a site of phony profiles, hostesses, bots and swindlers.

Don't consider as a BDSM ...It is a phony site

Maqrol does NOT recommend to friends/family - Nothing changed here


Been a member for years on and twice as a paid up member. Nothing has changed at all. So many wanabees. Also restricted messaging when even a silver member. Information on all this is not very clear at all.
There are totally free alternative sites which okay have their freaks and wannabees but they are FREE and without the restrictions on Waste of time here when you are paid up but members cannot contact you. Forget it!


Expensive, not cost effective

Richard does NOT recommend to friends/family - Sucks -- and NOT in a Good Way


If you're gay and into leather, is not for you. In my experience (spanning several years), they actively discriminate against gay guys.

What Sam said in his review is 100% correct. If you use their chat system (when it actually works), and head for the guy-for-guy room, you're inundated by 50+ year old often married drag queens. They're not even good drag queens. In fact, most wouldn't pass for men let alone women.

And if you're looking to knock boots with other men, forget it (unless you're looking for confused heterosexual males in high heels). I'm sorry, I just don't find a 63 year old guy in women's clothing attractive -- yet this is who they think guys looking for guys are looking for.

Walk into a bar catering to the all-male BDSM lifestyle and you won't see a guy dressed like a girl in any of the pictures on the walls (or in the porn on the TV screens). Yet this is Various' and now Penthouse Media Group's idea of gay BDSM.

They claim they're a BDSM and Alternative Lifestyles Personals site but that is patently false. They have absolutely no understanding whatsoever about the market. They just want to profit from it. Well, the easiest way to profit is to give your market what they want -- something they refuse to do.

I've had similar experiences to Sam. It's either 20 Questions time or you get harangued for not buying into what is a fetish of heterosexuals. The male for male chatroom is a lie. It's more old drag queens for old drag queens. 90% of them have never met and are never going to meet anyone so why be on a personals site other than to gratify yourself with your hand?

It's a waste of time going there. It's absolutely a waste of money buying a membership there.

Have met a couple of people
Allegedly caters to straights, bis, gays, lesbians

Don't live up to their hype (I'd even say they falsely advertise)
Never get rid of a profile
Full of transvestites
Ignorant of market needs
Allow hate speech
Arbitrary abuse handling
Rife with fake profiles
Customer Service reps lie
Senior management lies
Mistreat paying members
Mistreat and discriminate against gay men

John does NOT recommend to friends/family - It's Awful!


I'm a pretty kinky guy and into the lifestyle. I like guys and gals both. I don't get off on guys who dress as girls at all.

I spend a month there and got zero results. As soon as I walked into the guy for guy chatroom there (figured it would be the quickest way to "virtually" meet peeps), I had 50+ year old really ugly drag queens throwing themselves at me.

When I told them I didn't find them attractive, I'd either get 20 Questions or a scathing argument in return.

I tried my local area room and it was full of people cybering away but not one was from my area! I tried e-mail. Women didn't reply unless they wanted a "tribute". Guys did but there was something a little off about mst of them.

I have to say that the experience was ... well ... distasteful.

Chat system (when it works).
Sorta protected e-mail.
Caters to straight, gay, bi and transgendered people

Site broken often.
Full of transvestites.
A lot of fake profiles (looked that way to me)
A lot of stale profiles (do they ever delete any?)
Community isn't really all that supportive.

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