Are You Interested Review - just like any pay dating sight

Are You Interested - just like any pay dating sight


Yeah im starting to think they are a scam like most of the dating sights. There are real people on there no doubt, but the sight generates people to email you to get you to pay. I know this, because i started an account, then started a facebook account just for AYI. I tried to link the account with my new facebook account. Some how it created a sepperate account using the same address, leaving me with 2 AYI accounts. Anyway, i was getting seperate emails from the same women at different intervals, to one or the other accounts, meaning they probally searched and found my account and said yes at different times. not knowing there is two accounts. now the emails i get from suspected fake members are showing up to both accounts at the exact same time in my email. Anyway, why pay for crap like this when you can use free dating sights like plenty of fish and okCupid. no need to pay to send emails.
I am thinking about trying this out, to see what real people are on here, but i will be using a pre paid card


have to pay

ryan does NOT recommend Are You Interested to friends/family


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