Ashley Madison Review - Best site I found

Ashley Madison - Best site I found


I was looking for a relationship outside my marriage and over a year or so used several sites including AshleyMadison, AffairLInk, SweetDicreet, GoHookUp, XXXMatch and Lonely Housewives. I had multiple contacts with real women looking for affairs on AshleyMadison. I am currently involved with one of those women and we are having a great time...I was very frustrated with the other sites. Most appeared to be funnels for paid video chat/sex....particularly xxxmatch, SweetDiscreet. Havent been on AL or GHU as long, but they look like the same. I did meet what appeared to be several real women on Lonely Housewives but both were too far away to meet up with. Fun to talk to though.

Real women looking to hookup.....most missing passion at home. Some dubious contacts, but sort through them.

Does take some $ to get through the process but like the guy said above....if you really want to hook up, its gonna cost ya in hotel bills anyway so be realistic! Ive spent $$$ over the past several months at hotels, meeting once a week and splitting the bills!

BD does recommend Ashley Madison to friends/family


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