AsianBeauties Review - Men's Scam Money Sucker

AsianBeauties - Men's Scam Money Sucker


I have chatted and exchanged letters with few women on the site. I cannot confirm if they were real or not. Most of them posted very beautiful studio pictures. Some will be willing to provide you their casual pictures. You will be quite surprised with how different they are. Some are ugly, but some do look very real and even better then their studio photos.
Out of these few women, I only managed to get the phone number and personal email address of one of them. Few others gave me their numbers and email address too. But they always said they did not receive emails or texts from me. And the only one woman whom I corresponded with in her personal email address suddenly stopped sending emails anymore making up the excuse that she forgot the password of her email address. All these excuses sounded very unusual to me.

Whenever I made appointment to meet the girls, they always say 'yes' and sounded very excited at first. As the time comes nearer, they suddenly make up excuses to cancel or postpone the meeting.

I have, finally, concluded that (now, and all other related sites such as anastacia, are scam made to suck men's money. The girls can send you as many letters as they want, chat with you as long as they want, because i suspect they don't actually need to pay to use the site.
I am not sure if those girls are really who they are. From the way they chat and the way they write letters, and the way they talk on the 'love call', i do notice different patterns and characters. So, i do believe they are really there to entertain my communication. However, I suspect that they are not really true girls looking for match/love. Instead, they are employed by the 'agency' (as they call their 'employer') to entertain men's thirst for love in different ways, such as writing letters, chatting, video cam (i have never tried this before), and love phone calls, all of which are charged pretty expensively to men's credit cards.

Eventually, after all such expensive communications, you will still never get to see your girl in real life because they always have the excuse not to see you.

All men out there, don't even try to login to the site. I know the photos of the pretty girls are tempting, but they are not there to love you, but to suck your money.

I guess they rebranded the site from "" to "" to mislead people who read bad reviews about the former name.

Good if you have too much money but do nit know how to spend it out. If you are in for sex chat and flirting and are not even interested in seeing the girls, this site is absolutely for you.

All in my review. If you are looking for real relationship and wants to end up meeting your girl for real, STAY OUT OF THIS SITE as it will only suck and suck your money and not giving you the girl.

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