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Looking for a place with lots of curvy, young girls who want only sex? Then you’ve landed in the best place. There are many sex-book websites out there; however, not many dedicated to BBW girls and women. If you are into “big girls,” we recommend you join this instance and start looking for busty fuck buddies in your area.

With a free account, you will be able to create a complete profile and start searching right away for curvy and horny girls in your area. You don’t have to be shy. We know that the girls aren’t.

Why waste time on matchmaking website if you just want sex from a busty girl? This fuck book is all you need right now. Sign up now and start looking for the nearest, horniest BBW in your town and enjoy life.

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Very user friendly site, with a lot of too good to be true women on it. Site is well maintained, and very user friendly.
However, response rate from the females is extremely low, and often consists of one line replies to very detailed e-mails, if you get a response at all.
Almost every woman's profile on the site has a written delivery asserting that they want sex, sex, and more sex. Further, there are multiple profiles using different pictures of the same women, typically plump and very busty, all from different areas of the country.
The site has chat rooms that no one ever seems to be in, and an excellent site IM service that no one ever seems to be logged into.
Most of the hottest women on the site seem to be located in very small remote towns in the middle of nowhere if you look them up on the map.
My time on this site has almost convinced me that it is a well designed and elaborate site set up to make money. The time and trouble that went into the design and maintaining it are likely paying off for those running it as there seem to be tons of men that have bought into it judging by the number of men that show up on various women's friend listings.
If you join this site, realize that you are probably paying for entertainment only.

Very user friendly site with a lot of very hot women. Assuming that you like your women plump and busty.
Many available features including forums, chat rooms, and a site IM service.

Ultra low response to mails, and typical responses are one line in nature and no one ever signs their names to responses, which also rarely are reflective of the mails that were sent.
No one ever in the chat rooms or on the IM, although many women have home page postings asking if anyone wants to chat.
Multiple profiles from different areas of the country with the same women's pictures.
Site help seems to be done by a third party type is system, and there is no way to directly contact the site administration from the site.

Steve does NOT recommend to friends/family

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