BeNaughty Review - bunch of scammers!!

BeNaughty - bunch of scammers!!


hubby and i joined up on here and stupid us paid for it , was the only one we could find that said we are a couple not male or female and seen a few good reviews on it well obviously the people who have good things to say about this site are from this site , we havent received any replys from any messages or anything , we are both 29 fit and not bad looking either so it wasnt our looks that made them not reply we are having more luck now with the free sites now then the paid ones its because this site is a complete rip off , awesome forums??? we doubt that no one replys to your posts this is the biggest waste of money ever we are just glad we only paid for the one month !!!

lmao there are none ..maybe the pretty pictures?

everything about be naughty is a con dont do it anyone

NatBrad does NOT recommend BeNaughty to friends/family


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