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Last updated: October 11, 2017
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Biker Planet

If bikes, choppers, and motorcycles are your life, then you’ve landed on the right page. is a dating and matchmaking website that brings together biker enthusiasts from North America.
Here, you will find men and women with whom you share something meaningful in common – your love for two-wheelers. Registering is completely free, and you will have a complete profile in no time. Once you added some photos of you on your chopper, it’s time to search for potential partners.

You can browse for members based on age and sex, as well as on location. We know you like to travel a lot, but maybe the love of your life is just in the next town. Give it a try and see if you’ll take your two-wheeler to the next town for that special someone.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not simply a dating site for bikers. This is a community where bikers from North American can meet and share their passion. That’s why this is a great place to find out where the next biker meeting will take place in your town.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for people just like you, this site is a must to check on regular basis. Also, you can keep up with the site’s latest news from the bikers’ world by following them up on social media. is the place to be if you share a passion for two-wheelers. Join now!

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Biker Planet reviews (14):

Biker Planet - They have the WORST customer service


I was a member of Biker Planet for over a year and had finally met someone on this site. Before we could exchange personal telephone numbers, BP closed my account, without my knowledge or without a reason. It seems someone in their fraud department decided my account was fraudulent and closed it. I was never contacted, notified, or questioned about any activity prior to this. Then they wouldn't reinstate it. I was told time and time again at there were no reasons given for the decision and there was nothing I could do. Stay away from this site. It sucks. They have no clue what customer service is and if it happened to me, it could happen to you. The worst experience I have ever had!!

Found someone after 15+ months as a member, but couldn't exchange telephone numbers with them

Worst customer service EVER
No help to fix accounts
All CS people are from overseas and hard to understand
Will close your account without notification and do not have to give a reason

cheryl ric does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - Waste Of Server Space


Profiles are old, and messages are from third party. Tried to upgrade account and they closed it, told me I was being "fraudulent" after being on the site for years. No customer service with issue, no compensation for the troubles they have caused me


Where do I begin???

Doug C does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - Scam - Not as many people online as they say


On a person's profile, it will state when they were last online. The max you ever see is "two weeks." Except it hasn't been two weeks. It could be months or even years. Worse yet, they could have cancelled their account!

They keep these accounts active WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION to "up" their numbers so more people join. If you really knew how few people were on the site, you would never join. So they fake it.

Great way to start a relationship. Just sayin

Not a damn thing

Too many to list

Linda does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - No customer service


I signed up for a 3 day trial period. Instantly I was charged for a one year subscription. All phone numbers are not in service at this time. I can't get a response to my e mail. This site isn't honest about what you are signing up for

Pamela Gui does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - charged for a month, after cancelling, no refund


I do like the site, met some nice guys out there. But, when I went in last week to cancel my membership, the site showed I was already cancelled, and my membership would expire on the 27th. Then today, the 29th, I get billed for an additional month. Customer service says 'non-refundable' site, sorry. Didn't care that their site was messed up to begin with, wouldn't let me cancel, since I was already cancelled. Then 2 days later, I'm not cancelled?

Biker Planet - Complaint


I see posts that you say are from me and they are from you. You shouldn't be doing that. That is so wrong. Stop doing that. I will not be renewing when my 3 months are up and if you bill me without my consent I will contact the BBB

Laraine Ch does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - BIKER PLANET is awesome!


After searching through a bunch of profiles, I thought no one would fit my needs "to a t". And thats when we found each other! Someone that compliments my qualities, and we LOVE having each other to chat with any time we want. We Skyped for the first time one month ago, and I feel like I've known him my whole life! We're going to our first bike rally together in three weeks!

You get what you put in with this site... You can't just sign up and immediately find a great match. It took me two and a half months to find my guy... Best thing I have ever done for myself!

*Many profiles to search
*Variety of ages
*Every social level you can think of
*Constantly meeting new people

No criminal background check

Katherine does recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - HORRIBLE and FRAUDDDDDD !!!!


Very, very shady, unscrupulous, gum chewing in your ear, not speaking resolution to the problem. Got no emails after a while, they wouldn't help, RUDE and totally shady. Should be shut down. DON'T SUBSCRIBE !!!!



Cindy does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - Alone in a Dating Site


Alone in a dating site is a very lonely place. When I did an initial search, it showed 160 men, local, within my age range. I thought...great! I joined, went through all the "Rapid Response" profiles, where it shows you pics and you hit Like. Then the member gets a message saying you liked them.

I sent dozens of messages to men who supposedly had been online within the last 2 weeks. Short, thoughtful, complimentary messages showing that I had actually read their profile.

I received ZERO responses. I know that some people will receive messages and not respond, but online dating manners, which I find most people adhere to, is to at least send a "thanks for reading my profile" response. I am not unnattractive. I'm an articulate, well educated, high wage earning, petite blonde, 52 year old woman. And I was writing to men mostly in their 50's and 60's.

I've been on dating sites before and the usual effect is that you get deluged the first week, then responses taper off.

But to get NOTHING? I think they just keep your profile up there showing you are an active member, even though you moved away and got married 5 years ago.

I tried their online help. And asked if non paying members were able to read and respond to messages from paying members. ? No response and then disconnected. I wrote to the admin. No response. I put in a help desk request. never answered. I wrote in the forum. No response. Not even any "views". The chat room...empty. The place is dead.

They have really hot photos of models on bikes.

The place is dead. The actual active member list, especially paid active members, has got to be tiny.

Bodacious6 does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Biker Planet - Theifs


I joined the site and paid the $1 trial fee for 3 days. They charged me twice....ok, it's only $2.

However, I cancelled my membership prior to the 3 days and then they charged my credit card $14.47 even though I deleted my account after the 3 days.

I have tried to get this resolved via email and phone to no avail and they say there is a "live chat" feature on the site under Contact Us, but it's not there.

This site not only was disappointing in the quality and quantity of matches, but disappointing in how it is run.

I do not recommend it at all.


Lack of quality matches
Billing issues
Bad layout

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