BlackCrush Review - SCAM

BlackCrush - SCAM


Totally fake!! You never gat a response to any emails and when you do if you ask for details the emails stop

Totally fake!!

urbedhabitz does NOT recommend BlackCrush to friends/family


Date: September 21, 2014 - 22:42

By: Manny Bees

When you figure out that the girls are in multiple cities and something is shady about the website, you emails and likes go down to one a day. They have limited my time on the website too. I had unlimited searching before and right after I paid for the site but when I figured out that something wasn't right about them and I started sending emails to suspect pages and stated on my page I was going to report the scammers to the Attorney General's office in Florida, my time was all of a suddenly limited to 5 minutes at a time before they kick me off.

I emailed them NOT to renew nor automatically recharge my credit card at all. They make it VERY difficult to manage your subscription and to cancel charging your card. I will still report them to the State Attorney's office in Florida. Shut down this fraud!

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