Don't do it if you want to cancel

Don't do it if you want to cancel

I did a trial membership and had a hard time getting them to stop charging my account. Also you not only sign up for their site but you sign up for something call insider dating if you don't beware. Claims there's a pre checked box I should have unchecked. They will back off charges but the problem is they continue to charge your card. You will also get charged a very minimal amy for an international card fee (in my case $.012) for using your credit card which so far I haven't been able to get them to back off my credit card, have been told it will happen, yet to be seen.\r\n\r\nPotential prospects for this site in my case was pretty much nil (did get one bite, that's how I got suckered back on here.)

None. Free account set dormant for years before I got this one hit. Forgot I was even signed up on here.

If you charge get one of those credit cards at Walmart or somewhere with just enough money on it to pay for one time billing.

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