C-Date Review - Dodgy and suspicious

C-Date - Dodgy and suspicious


My experience with this site has been very unpleasant so far!

Although my "Search Region" has been specified by me, and although my 'matches' are being sent to me seemingly complying with my "Search Region", it turns out that they do not - in reality - concur with my specified "Search Region" at all! I am getting responses from people all over the world... primarily Africa and other generally recognised 'dodgy' regions which, I'm led to believe, are actually automatically blocked by other 'major' dating sites!

Now, this site is for casual, intimate encounters... yes? Well, how can one have a casual intimate encounter with someone halfway round the world in a country generally seen to be full of people trying to find a way to get themselves into the Western world???

This site, in my own opinion and experience, is a con!

It's also a nightmare trying to get out of it and cancel the '3-month' rolling' membership! Yes... 3 months at a time! It's full of 'rules and regulations'.

Frankly, I seem to have paid money for nothing, and have had only ONE contact in my own region and ONE contact in a close (home country) region! ALL the other 'matches' have displayed dodgy communication and from far distant 3rd world countries!

Well, that's my experience.

Don't touch this site!

None whatsoever!

• Contacts are dodgy, irrelevant and non-genuine!
• Lack of communication when trying to contact the site administration.
• Tied in for 3-months with difficulty in cancelling.

BionicDan does NOT recommend C-Date to friends/family


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