CheekyLovers Review - Cheeky lovers scam

CheekyLovers - Cheeky lovers scam


I was wondering the same thing. I don't know how they got my info and made me a member and then started sending me alerts telling me that sexy babes had emailed me or wanted to chat. The first thing that aroused my suspicion that was these girls were ALWAYS on line. I am pretty sure it is just a scam to get you to give your credit card number in order to read these emails and try to contact these babes who were so interested in you just to find that you had been duped. How sad that people would operate at such a low slim level to make a buck.


it is just a scam

saltnpeppe does NOT recommend CheekyLovers to friends/family


Date: February 27, 2012 - 22:25

By: Ken

One of the major problems is, that you don't know if your talking to a guy or girl. And yet they may say they have several girls in my town and within 50 miles. They could India workers for all I know.

Date: March 14, 2012 - 14:21

By: Tony Dee

Another of the many cupid sites, all very similar and all quite blatantly fraudulent. Unbelievable how many people buy into this drivel.

Date: July 11, 2012 - 23:28

By: Dasha

Its a Manwin(reality Kings) .com operation. they still porn content and run on these sites here.

Date: July 27, 2012 - 3:07

By: mike

i had an eye -opening event this evening; i searched for this particular woman in the city i live in and her profile was from another state,and city, the"girls" will never answer a direct question about the city where you my humble opinion they are scams

Date: July 28, 2012 - 1:42

By: nikkole

thank you all for saying these r scams and that u didnt even sign up i flipped out on my bf about it and he had no idea what i was talking aboiut thank you all for reassuring me that these people just take your info. i trust him even more now thanks again :)

Date: August 1, 2012 - 0:22

By: Steve

This is nothing but a scammer site. The younger gals, usually 25 or under, try to get you to their webcam sites, where charges are loaded on your credit card.
The older ones are usually running the Ghana Lovelorn scam, tell you they've fallen in love with you, want you to send money so they can join you, and will try to move in with you and spend all your money. If you go over there, you might be kidnapped and held for ransom! Google it. A few told me they were in Ghana temporarily. Avoid this site. Tried another cupid site, love again, same story, maybe a few more real people on it. My advice- avoid all cupid sites

Date: August 12, 2012 - 23:11

By: Chad

Yes they got my info from another site as I was on cupid through FB! I just recently signed up as this 1 Female was very persistant. It's funny cause now i've e-mailed her back & acouple other. They r now sending me e-mails from another dating web-site! Stuiped me but now u know not 2 make same mistake! It's a scam! 3 out of the 5 I e-mail sent me request from another site!

Date: August 15, 2012 - 22:55


This site is loaded with women from ghanna ..nigera and south affrica who pose as americans .. 9/10 of this site are scammers . all the women from GOLD RIVER are really in ghanna ..they all say that they are working for a hospital or orphange ..and sooner are later they want money .. I have notified cheeky several times and tht do nothing about this

Date: August 20, 2012 - 5:29

By: Mike

They are all b. s. and I recommend saving the money you will waste as I did on more than one site & do it the so called old fashion way... Stick with live breathing women that are in front of you, the worst they can do is say no. The biggest scam is sending you the " THIS BABE WANTS TO CHAT WITH YOU NOW" TOTAL BS WHEN THEY GIVE PROFILES AND WHEN LAST ON LINE WILL SAY OVER 2 months ago ???? How is this if she just wanted to chat, keep your money or sPend it where you know what your getting

Date: August 20, 2012 - 7:22

By: kim treadaway

this site is littered with scammers ..infested.. overwhelmed..infected.. most all are from ghanna,, liers and thives..dont do it ,,unless u like to be a fool .all the ones from gold river calif are really from ghanna. i notified cheeky but thet refuse to do anything about it .they should all be arrested for fraud..this site is good that we can expose these crooks..dont believe any of these women .thet either want to show off their bodies so they get a kick back from the view sites they con you into..this is the most dishonest site around..stay away from ,, if you have any reports please post them /and watch out for match .com .there on it too

Date: September 14, 2012 - 13:32

By: Chris

I also believe MOST of the women on cheekylovers are not REAL, but here is what i believe is happening... the website cheekylovers steals pictures of hot women and has a robot responder to send you winks and other types of flirts to get you thinking that some hot girl who sometimes is from your area and sometimes not but all in an attempt to get you to become a member by paying a monthly fee. Some of the women are actually members and are ligit. I have been surfing the site long enough to realize this.... some of the profiles have a recuring description to describe the girls, like they got bored and just posted the same description for each female member...LOL they also use daily emails sent thru robots sending out emails to flirt with you and tell you that some girl sent you a message and in order to read it you must become a member and of course pay the fee. I do believe there are some ligit women on the site but i know with a certainty that MANY are NOT ligit. I have even seen women from my area that i actually KNOW Personally as members, but I am suspicious as to whether or not they even know their picture is being used on the site. I do think that the site is involved in FRAUD by making up so many fraudulent profiles to draw in men to paying a fee only to find out the women dont exist! Even if they do contact you the then send you to join another site???? The other sites i am aware of are....,, There are probably more too.

Date: November 19, 2012 - 6:45

By: Mike

I have been duped by a site as well. I am on POF and there was an add for another site on their webpage. I got a large amount of emails from women in some of the small towns around my hometown. I a FOOL!!...and all these women that were sooo interested in meeting me have mysteriously gone away!! I have never got a reply , after answering their mail, and I am still receiving mail from other women!! The name of this site is

Date: January 11, 2013 - 2:41

By: Adrian

Stay clear of "" "", "" and any other site affiliated with this group. They are scam sites, pure and simple.

Aside from finding yourself magically "joined" to their other websites and spammed from their mail servers you will be a) Billed without your consent (as in over and above anything you agreed to) and the people who contact you are fake.

The same emails with the same background details "I'm a nurse working for W.H.O." and even the same spelling mistakes - I could go on.

Do yourself a favour, do your research and join legitimate sites that aren't promising you the earth or your wildest fantasies, in Australia for example try RSVP.COM.AU or eHarmony - yes they charge but only for what you do, they don't scam you. Failing that spend your money on a gym membership, work on your self esteem and meet someone that way.

I've been on the phone to these folks repeatedly to cancel this service after discovering my credit card was slugged for $320 when I agreed to pay $34.00.

Date: December 29, 2013 - 12:41

By: Renate Freisinger

One Usa soldier with the Name Lt. Col. Eden Connor, wrote loveletters for moore than a months, we wanted to get married, than he was shutted in his knees, and he send his cargo to a security company from London , right now he is writing letters, how i should claime his belonging cargo from theere, asking me of a copy of my id card, and of course money to b delivered. If i hesitate he claimes i have no love and do not care for his health .Is he a scamlover ?

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