CheekyLovers Review - Most of the men are homeless crackheads!

CheekyLovers - Most of the men are homeless crackheads!


scam central


a lot male crackheads looking to hookup and eff you up for money and a place to crash. so its not only the women on this site that are fake.


Date: December 18, 2012 - 4:21

By: dutch8926

I'm not too surprised. I probably shouldn't signed up as assumed sex fiend exploiter. I'm not. I'm was 'trauling' for liberal gal relationships, leaving (reared) relig. sex. repr. cult. (gals asexual..norm). I found near all 'sex' sites as scams, cheeky, too from all this. I'm all over net with dutch8926 'handle', pers sites, etc. I ask scam, too? ask re...heav gate 2007.

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