CheekyLovers Review - DON.tT go there

CheekyLovers - DON.tT go there


I signed to mature dating (same company cupidplc) and was drawn to cheeky lover ads. I got lots of emails form apparently hot young nubiles who seem to fancy an older man,I thought lets see what happens, I tried to respond to a "hot chick", but before I could I needed to subscribe.. so I chose 3 day trial for 5.98 (with a recurring credit card payment of £25.00 if you don,t un-subscribe before trial is up) the hottie was apparently online and had sent me 2 messages saying she liked my pro, but when i replied to her she didn't respond. Then I got it she was the bait and I'd been hooked. No hot young girl needs to buy a £25.00 per month membership to a dating site to find an older man right, and if she did she would reply to someone she contacted. Anyway anyone can put up whatever photo they like doesn't mean its them. So I realized I was a fool and before I got roped into anything costly I decided to unsubscribe, to do this I needed to phone a premium rate phone number (on hold for a couple of mins of course) a foreign lady came to the phone and said sorry I was leaving them and offered me 2 weeks free I said no just cancel so she did, but not easily
Later that day I was checking my bank balance and realised I was about £20 down on what i expected, it later transpired that unbeknown to me whilst signing up to the 3 day trial I had been taken to an upgrade page on the website and had involuntarily chosen a £15.00 upgrade so instead of spending £5.98 for my trial I'd spent £21.00. I was furious so phoned the premium rate number again, it took a couple of calls and a lot of arguing to get them to agree a refund that I.m still waiting for. I ADMIT I WAS GULLIBLE SO PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES NO HOT GIRLS BUY MEMBERSHIPS TO DATING SITES TO FIND A GUY....ONLY OLD BAGS !!!!!!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY


scam you into a recurring bill and even when you cancel will offer you free membership period hoping you will forget to cancel later and fall into recurring payment trap without realizing. cons it is a con

sewqa does NOT recommend CheekyLovers to friends/family


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