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Last updated: October 19, 2017
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There are many Christian dating sites out there, but few are able to beat Christian Mingle when it comes to quality and dating opportunities. Ever since it was first launched in 2001, this premier dating site has managed to gather a huge database of more than 15 million people.

Signing up is completely free and creating a profile can be done in no time. The best thing about Christian Mingle is that comes with a couple of descriptive questions when completing a profile. This is because the crew from Christian Mingle wants to have better insights of their usersí faith. Also, it enables to offer the best match results for anyone who is searching for a partner.

The website is straightforward, and anyone can access and browse it very easily from any gadget connected to the internet. In its over 15 years of existence, the website has helped many find their second half. If you want to read more about it, we recommend checking out their testimonial page.

Its church affiliation represents the feature that grabbed our attention. Now, people from the same Christian community have the opportunity to find other church goers on this website. Moreover, pastors and priest can leverage the chance of bringing together people from the same community to marriage.

A quality website, Christian Mingle has proven time and time again to be a great tool for those who want to find someone of the same faith. You, too, can take advantage of top-notched dating services by creating an account on Christian Mingle. Donít wait any longer, find someone to share faith with right now.

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ChristianMingle reviews (6):

ChristianMingle - Good tool for online dating


I found Christian Mingle to be a good tool. I would recommend it to anyone. First as we all know, nothing is completely free in this world. You do have to have a membership to email or chat with other members but at least you can create an account and get in to see who is out there and if you like the website before you pay for the membership. I found this to be a plus. Christian Mingle also has questions on the website to help you determine personality traits which is very important in dating. It also offers a questionnaire about your beliefs and how you feel about certain things to see how you match up to another member that you could be interested in and if the other member allows you then you can see their answers to the same question. This is a great tool. Ladies/Gentleman, dating is tough but we are the ones who have to be smart about it and take our time. Really get to know someone before we get involved. There are plenty of frogs out there before we meet out prince or princess. Good luck with your seach and may God bless you through the process as he did me.

Has good tools to use to get to find out more about the person before you decide to meet outside the website.

There is always going to be people out there that we wish were not on Christian Mingle but there are plenty of good people too. A great relationship is worth the wading and working for to find.

Rodgers does recommend ChristianMingle to friends/family

ChristianMingle - It Takes Two Paid Memberships to Connect One Coupl


I found ChristianMingle to hide the bottom line about costs and process until the person is signed up and has built a profile. They do not reveal their process up front, but as a Christian, I see this as divisive. I had to send multiple e-mails to support to get answers to my questions and they take many, many days to reply.

First, I discovered that both parties must have 'paid' subscriptions in order to exchange information. Second, I found that nowhere on a profile does it indicate whether a person is a paid member or not; so itís a guessing game. For example, if I want to converse with Jane Doe, I have to pay for a membership and then send an e-mail. Okay, thatís fine; I have no problem with that. If Jane Doe is a paid member, she can read my message. However, if she is not a paid member, then Jane Doe must also pay to be a member just to read my message. Therefore, ChristianMingle is getting paid double to connect me to one person. Therefore, what am I paying for exactly? Paying to have an e-mail sent into a holding status? There's not much incentive here. I have a problem with double dipping; especially when a month subscription is as much as other dating websites, but remember, there must be two paid memberships to connect one couple togetheróbut not the case with other dating websites.

A great way to read the profiles of other Christians and find out what they say about their relationship with God; after all, the word 'Christian' these days is a vague term.

They are not upfront about their fees and processes.
It takes two paid memberships to connect one couple together.
Their monthly subscription rate is high considering they require two memberships to connect one couple together.

James does NOT recommend ChristianMingle to friends/family

ChristianMingle - Christian Mingle Review


Christian Mingle does not feature / support interracial couples, nor give the profile option to choose. They mainly feature success love stories where the female is a size 1 blonde. They do not make it clear not all internet browsers work well with their site.
No complete free trial to decide if this site is to your liking, you find out after you pay.
Lots of NON Christians and technical problems.

Add to this list of questions: Why are gays allowed on a "Christian" site?

They have an attachment of another site called: which offers bible study and Christian articles.

Non Christian and tricky.

ChristianMingle - Simply Dissapointed


I came on to the website after all of the advertisements I had read about meeting Christians for free. Before being allowed to even enter the website you are required to spend 15 minutes or more filling out personal information and then telling them all about yourself. Once you have accomplished that feat, you are then advised that to truly meet anyone you have to pay a price to join the site.

If your website is truly based on Christian values why not just state that upfront, before people go through all of the trouble of putting themselves out there, or are your values much like that of the secular world in that you have alterior motives and I am now going to find my email address sold to yet another 'list'?

I find no pro's in a Christian website that is not honest and forthcoming from the onset.

Sadly, I believe I have made those quite clear.

JustGramm does NOT recommend ChristianMingle to friends/family

ChristianMingle - I have mixed feelings towards CM


I used Christianmingle for about 8 months, and although I have found many respectable men on here, I have been unsuccessful in finding the "one" for me. Many of the men that actually wanted to date me were very much older than my age (like....25-30 or more years older; I've had a 75-year-old man ask me out on a date. No offense, but as a young girl its kind of a shock when that happens), and the ones that were around my age (which I would say up to 5 yrs difference-always older) were more "strange," as Noor above pointed out (I don't want to fully explain the details but...all I can say is that their motives were similar to that of non-Christian sites). But although I have had bad experiences, I have heard of many other people who have had good experiences on this site. All in all, I think Christianmingle is somewhat of a safe site (in the sense that many of the people ARE in fact telling the truth about themselves in most cases), but then again its vital to take precaution in all dating sites.

Christian theme
in most cases, tells truth about themselves
safe (in my opinion), in the sense that the staff checks whatever is posted on the site

Older men tend to try and flirt with younger women (happens on most sites from what I hear though)
"strange" motives of the men (also what happens on most other sites)

ChristianMingle - Strange site


I had many emails and the two men I decided to converse with wound up being as strange as the men on non christian sites.

Nice photos and easy layout

The men are still strange on here even though they are labeled as Christian

Noor does NOT recommend ChristianMingle to friends/family

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