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Whether you?re a big date looking to make a giant splash or just someone who likes a dish with plenty to offer, you?re in the right place. brings together big singles and the people who love them!

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I have only recently joined this site, and a couple things seem fishy to me. I keep seeing similar profiles over and over, in some cases identical - are these just unorignal men who have copied someone else's profile. I have been contacted by three "soccer scouts" in two days - what are the odds of that? Almost every guy I've clicked on has been a widower with one child - again, what are the odds of that? On more than a few profiles things don't add up, i.e. orientation, having children, religion, etc. Either people just aren't very careful when filling these things out, or they can't get their story straight.

Several of the messages I've received say almost the same thing, word for word: Thanks for getting back to me i really do appreciate it a lot ..i will also like to know you more if you don't mind or kindly send me your IM so we can talk more better..hope to hear from you soon."

Oh, and I can't figure out if the site just automatically deletes messages that include e-mail addresses, or if it just randomly doesn't send messages. In two days I had at least 4-5 messages I KNOW I sent that do not appear in my sent file and were never received. (Frustrating!)

Anyway, I'll hang in there a little while longer to see what transpires, but I'd be interested to know if any other women have had a similar experience.

Site is 100% free.
I like a site where my size is no surprise.

Not sure if it's 100% legit.
Not a wide selection of men in my area.
Can't narrow down searches with preferences.
Sent messages disappear without being delivered. - My browser does not allow me to open the chubbyfis


I joined the cubbyfishing website and had no problem in the past to open the wbsite and log in, now whatever browse I use, Explorer, firefox or Enigma browsers say they cannot find the website. I see plenty of links when dog a google search for he site. I am non pussed why I cannot to the site. Does it not exist anymore?
I would be very greatful if someone whom has similar experience could enlighten me.
Thank you,

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