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Last updated: March 29, 2018
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If Tinder and OKCupid had a child, it would be named, and in a way, thatís what this fine dating app is: a quality online dating app fit for any busy smartphone user looking for a hookup.

Launched recently, in 2014, the dating app comes with all the quality features offered by Tinder. The added value of this app Ė and why you should look up into it Ė is that it takes valuable information from your OkCupid account and use it to improve the algorithm. From this perspective, you could say the is the Cupid version for smartphones.

One great pro in our opinion is that you donít need to swipe left and right when looking for a match. Letís be honest, swiping your finger like that can become annoying, so you could skip that part using Otherwise, you can like people and photos, instant message users, and match up with millions around the world.

If you are not convinced why you should get the app, we remind you that the app has been featured in various world renowned publications. Just to name a few, the app was covered in the LA Times, Mashable, Time, Business Insider, and much more.

Get the app on Google Play or Apple Store and start searching for interesting people to meet. Itís easy, it's well designed, and itís free to use. Donít miss out on great opportunities. Download the app now and start dating new people.

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