ConnectingSingles Review - Getting worse and worse

ConnectingSingles - Getting worse and worse


I've been a member of the site for several years. I come and go. I had several dates, but nothing significant. Each time I log in - there are more scammers and less real women. I've encountered a lot of old profiles of women who had been there for ages (with the same photos). Some of them haven't logged in for a long time and most don't reply to messages.
It seems that there are less and less new members.

Forums, poems and blogs aren't worth mentioning. You can only meet old-term members there - or one of their fake profiles (I think that most have several). They are either married, in a relationship, not looking, fake or simply old lonely people who have nowhere else to go. You won't find a date among them.

When I logged in the last time - apart from (too many!) political discussions, there was nothing much to read - only the same old group of people fighting and gossiping among themselves or writing about their days of retirement (rarely anyone is younger than 60, especially on blogs). Very boring and annoying.

The site has a potential to be better if it stays free, gets modernized and gets rid of everything that isn't a dating site.

Don't waste your time for now. Check again later to see if it got any better.

Free, you don't need an e-mail address for verification, you can open multiple profiles and they won't be sanctioned, you can use other people's photos in your profile... Anything goes and is allowed.

Read the above. There's almost no moderation, so it's pretty much chaotic. Nobody removes scammers' profiles and insults and fights on forums and blogs get unnoticed... People lie, use plenty of fake profiles - you have NO IDEA who is real and who is not and - if those who ARE real are - mentally stable - especially on blogs and forums. Caution is recommended.

Robert does NOT recommend ConnectingSingles to friends/family


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