Crushnearby Review - 100% bullshit

Crushnearby - 100% bullshit


Tried the site. Fictional women are marked with a heart by the user name.

First:. I live in a very small town, under 500 residents. Yet every woman is IN my town or "nearby". Hahahaha. Trust me, I would have met you by now.

Second:. I used the search. I looked at hundreds... literally hundreds of women. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS MARKED WITH A HEART ❤️.

All this site is, is a way for them to take your money and YOU WILL NEVER TALK TO A REAL WOMAN. NEVER!

Do not waste your time and more importantly, your money. Unless you like spending $1.00, or more, per message to talk to robots.


Read my review.

You will never talk to a real person.

Tim does NOT recommend Crushnearby to friends/family


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