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Last updated: March 15, 2017
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DateAgency reviews (3):

DateAgency - A Scam


My experience mirrors Johnny Boy's. A lot of the contact is made without the alleged lady even viewing your profile. A good give away from the start.

Most emails begin with ... "please update your profile" - even if your profile is completed.

The only responses you do get, lead you to a webcam girl or to a Nigerian scammer. ie. please send my mother in the Phillipines money via Western Union to start her life again.

I think there are genuine women on here, but they are probably being bombarded with similar crap and leave just as quick as the blokes.


Enough said.

Dave does NOT recommend DateAgency to friends/family

DateAgency - It's a con


Signed up for a month and suddenly got lots of attention, winks, "likes" and messages. Responded to them all with no further contact from the girls on site.

Duringteh first two weeks the locations of the girls that had contacted me kept changing on a weekly basis - obviously fake profiles being manipulated by the site admin. Some profiles were obviously bulk written as a female profile had "I am a guy who...." as the opening line. No way was this gilr in any way of form a guy....:-)

Avoid this site at all costs.


It's one big CON.....

Johnny boy does NOT recommend DateAgency to friends/family

DateAgency - Scam


This agency is not what it siad its suppose to be. I have studied pictures and language of users. The models are of British decent, however they portey to be reside in the USA. There are no actual members, they are cam models.
I lived in the UK for many years and kbow the terminology that is written in their profiles.

There are no pros

Cons is that they will take your money under the pretense that you are on a legitimate dating site.

Undisclose does NOT recommend DateAgency to friends/family