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Join one of the best New York matchmaking websites and find people to hook up with. Agape, which means Love in Greek, is the ultimate criterion of success for the NY-based dating agency.

Having a dynamic design yet straightforward, Agape is the favorite place for New Yorkers to find their match. The testimonials and awards are living proof of the website's success in the industry of dating and matchmaking. Moreover, they've been featured in top-notched publications in the USA and the world. To name just a few, Agape Dating has had dedicated articles in the NY Times, CNN, Esquire, Financial Times, Reuters, Vice, and many others.

How do New Yorkers date and find partners? Just like they live: fast and to the point. There's no time to waste in the busy world of the city that never sleeps. That's why Agape Dating has vowed to offer the best services out there. Their services include personal consultation, where you will meet their young and dynamic team of professionals, recruitment and vetting, where the team will start looking for people who are the best match for you, and date scheduling, where you will be set off for a date. Last but not least, you will receive feedback on your dating performance. So, if something went wrong with your last date, you'll know exactly where to improve.

For all New Yorkers out there. Don't just go for another obscure and discussable dating website. Strive for the best. Choose a dating company that inspires professionalism, choose Agape Dating. Details

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Reviews: 1 reviews (1): - If you have limited time, they are ideal.


I met with Maria earlier this year, and my girlfriend was my fourth match she introduced me to. We've been dating for about 8 months now, and I am just really happy.

For those interested, it's quite ideal if you have a busy schedule with limited time to meet quality people. Her date coordinator helped plan the dates I went on, including the 2nd dates. They collected feedback after the date. It was really efficient if you're interested in that sort of element, which I was.

They do everything. It is nice to not have to plan it out or figure out what to do after the date. They took care of everything.

They didn't introduce my girlfriend to me sooner?

Rory does recommend to friends/family

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