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Are you feeling lucky, successful and attractive? Then you’ve landed in the right place. DC Match Making is an exclusive company that offers top-notched matchmaking services for wealthy and satisfied clients all over the world. Their professionalism makes them stand out from the competition, and we are sure that, in no time, you will get the best matches for you and meet with attractive people in real life. Most matchmaking websites available today simply offer poor quality results. You often simply get matched based on an automatized algorithm with fake profiles or simply people with whom you have nothing in common. This is not the case with the DC matchmaker. Besides the fact that real people are doing the matchmaking process for you, you will receive sound advice on dating from world-famous experts in the field of dating and pick-up art. Considered by many the best online matchmaker today, the crew offers you many great services such as: • Matchmaking with successful people in your area • Knowledge in communication and relation building • Help you network with people with whom you share common professional interests • And much more... Extensive checks are done by the website’s team. Like you, your potential matchmaking partners are interviewed and get to know the team better. Clearly, you will find real people with whom you have something to share with. That’s why we advise you to stop using matchmakers that have been proven time and time again simply to be hoaxes and get help from people who are taking their mission seriously.

DC Matchmaking Reviews

    DC Matchmaking: Just What I Needed :-)

    Michelle is professionalism, honesty, compassion and real. She understands that each and everyone of her clients is a human being and conducts herself and her company with the utmost respect. Michelle takes the time to get to know her clients and carefully pairs up individuals. This is in stark contrast to other companies that I have experienced who did not listen to me and paired me up with individuals at random. Michelle is here to help and only paired me with quality singles who were right for me. She valued my time and I valued hers.

    Michelle introduced me to the love of my life and I couldn't be happier.

    Thank you Michelle!

    Michelle's help comes without emotional ties or judgment, which frees you up to be honest with yourself and find what you want and need.



    Michelle set me up with one of the nicest guys I've ever met. She is in the business because she really cares about helping people. She is compassionate, genuine, grateful, kind, and passionate about helping people find happiness in a relationship. I strongly recommend working with Michelle.

    I was set up as a nonpaying customer, which I strongly recommend joining her free database. If I could afford it I would work with her as a client because she walks the walk and talks the talk. Time is money and she is worth it.

    Michelle is passionate and hands on. She really wants to help her clients.

    Excellence in Matchmaking...

    A matchmaking company with integrity. The owner, Michelle, meets with every single person face-to-face, so it's very personal. She has great intuition and is always responsive and professional. High caliber singles. Highly recommend.


    Michelle?s professionalism in making the process of meeting new people pleasant and effortless is second to none.

    Great personalized approach, deep understanding of client?s goals, quality matchmaking, tailored follow-up all bundled in a fun, easy to communicate, attentive way.

    A very refreshing way to pairing people based on great human skills and talent!

    all good



    If you are in interested in meeting quality, qualified people, DC Matchmaking is the right place for you. Why spend years on umpteen online sites, countless dollars on dates that you wish you had not been on?
    Michelle's advice and quality connections are what you need.
    Thanks for your help, Michelle.

    Quality, Quality and more Quality


    Professional and Committed!

    I am a colleague of Michelle's and consider her to be one of the most professional and committed matchmakers I've run into. She takes her business and the happiness of her clients very seriously. I wouldn't give this feedback lightly! She absolutely knows what she's doing and cares tremendously.

    Her experience in the business of making matches and in coaching people to their best personal results make her an EXCELLENT choice! She won't waste your money or time if she feels that her services are not the right fit for you!

    Integrity, compassion, results, professionalism and experience!

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