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Last updated: May 17, 2018
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A premier dating site that has featured in many world-renowned publications, is a unique concept in the dating industry. We know that for many American girls – and not only! – British men appear to be charming, real gentlemen. And if you are one of those girls who has been dreaming of meeting your very own Prince Charles, then this is the place to start your quest in getting that British lover you’ve always dreamed of.

Talking with a charming accent, have a born charm, and serving tea at 5 o’clock every day. These are some of the stereotypes women have when it comes to Brits. But are they true? Well, you can find out for yourself. Just create an account on this unique dating site and start browsing it. We know that you are eager to meet handsome British men, and this is the place where they all hang out. You can be sure that there are no spammers nor fake account on this website. The crew manages to keep it safe, and there are enough British guys around for you to find the right person. Remember, users can be verified. If you are skeptic about a profile, simply go with the ones that have already been verified.

We recommend reading their success-story section, their compelling blog post on dating in Britain, as well as their FAQ section for help with the website. You will be convinced that this website is worth spending time on, and that it’s not just another scam, like many others on the Internet. British men can be quite charming, but do you have what it takes to date one? Find out for yourself.

Before we end this introduction to the best site for dating British guy, it is word noting some of the publications and media outlets the website has featured on BBC,, The New York Times, – these are just some of the places where this awesome site has featured. That’s why we are saying that this site is trustworthy and that you should join right away!

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DateBritishGuys reviews (5):

DateBritishGuys - Horrible handling of payments


I was a member on this site for 2 weeks charged 29.95 I decided this was not the site for me, there’s never anyone online and I didn’t want to continue my membership..deleted my account..thinking I was done with them..noooo they kept charging my account I called PayPal and they couldn’t help me and called the website and they said email us, I emailed them, they emailed me back with attitude saying even if you deleted your account you’re still going to be charged till you cancel your subscription!!? WTF?? They make it a nightmare to cancel a terrible subscription?? So run the other direction because this website is hoping to get your money with a renewing subscription..I only wanted to try it out for a month and the wording was shady..stear clear of this website, nothing should be this difficult to cancel. When you delete your profile you shouldn’t be charged again they’re not providing me a service any longer..


Charged me after I deleted my profile expecting me to jump through hoops to stop them from stealing from me saying you needed to cancel your subscription..I deleted my profile I shouldn’t be charged a nickel if I’m not receiving the benefit of the service..and I contacted PayPal to no avail.. save your money this group is not honorable.

Alicia does NOT recommend DateBritishGuys to friends/family

DateBritishGuys - Great success


Actually the ladies above must have not given enough effort. I have had several men talk to me at different times if day, mostly morning and afternoon us time. I have spoken to some very sweet and kind gentleman. So I have a very different review than those aboven and the customer service has been just fine in ny opinion, they quickly sent me a password recovery when I needed it.

Met several gentlemen


Jacqueline does recommend DateBritishGuys to friends/family

DateBritishGuys - Don't bother


I have tried different times of the day and no one is ever online. It'll say to reduce the number of filters to get your results. No one is ever on here. Their "success," stories are too few and not to mention there's no verification. I just recently got back on and some of the individuals who were on here years ago say 2014 there profile pic is the same! I think it's time to get my competition on and start my own site.


Fake profiles and the joining fee is high for the lack of people on this.

Harper does NOT recommend DateBritishGuys to friends/family

DateBritishGuys - The worst dating site ever


First of all this site refuses to fix the issues with the mechanics of the site. I had an issue with modifying my password and they refused to fix it saying that i should just copy and paste the temporary password. To make it worse, they refused to fix their payment processing so that I can have full access to my subscription. What kind of service refuses to take a payment??? They only charge americans but yet treat us like we are dirt under their feet. I will never use this site again!!!

There are no pros to this site and feel it is a scam and badly run.

Negligent service to customers, poorly administered and managed, terrible customer service

honestrevi does NOT recommend DateBritishGuys to friends/family

DateBritishGuys - Date British Guys


First they will keep sending notifications in your email that someone liked and wrote to your profile, once you’re interested and paid the subscription, not even a wave or wink .. so it’s a scam, they just want your money so forget it..waste of time and money.

Solamene does NOT recommend DateBritishGuys to friends/family

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