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Last updated: March 3, 2017
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We created to facilitate meeting of students from different departments within the same school and between different universities. The idea came naturally after one of us dated a girl who complained about how hard it is to meet people from other departments. So we thought about it a lot and looked around whether anybody else provides a solution for that, but many online or offline services had some limitations and none of them addressed these issues in a complex manner.

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DateMySchool - Poor Service Experience


I had a terrible experience. They are unclear and very unorganized with their subscriptions. I thought I was signed up to pay $3 monthly but was charged $72 for 24 months. After talking to other individuals, they had terrible experiences as well. They do not do refunds. I canceled the account after my experience and still had to pay for all 24 months.

Customer Service, Unclear, Unorganized

DateMySchool - Great website


Overall DateMySchool is a great website. It allows you to meet people from surrounding schools in your area, which I like because my school is small and I always see the same faces. You can block your own school, so that is good if you have privacy concerns like me haha .. It has a long list of privacy settings in place and allows you to narrow your searches efficiently. I have only met two people from the site thus far but both were a good experience. Really the only drawback is they sometimes suggest users to you whose profiles you are unable to view but this may be a glitch since according to the site they are still in the beta version. Their customer support is also good. I had a few questions about signing up and I received a response within 30 minutes on a weekend.

List of search/privacy features, great user experience, customer service, interesting conversation, reasonable pricing for premium stuff (although I did not upgrade), easy site navigation

No major cons in my experience

Kristen A. does recommend DateMySchool to friends/family

DateMySchool - Safe and efficient


I registered to the site with my .edu email and by default they excluded people from my university department from folks that can access my profile I can filter out every university where people may know me - so no embarrassment there about being on a dating site, lol! It seems also pretty safe since all the users are verified students/alumni, you can't just create a fake profile...

I tried the other college dating sites and this one seems to have the most users too (I am using it in New York). So I got my first date in half an hour after registering, haha, that's why I am writing this review - will meet him tomorrow, wish me luck


* Safe, since everyone is a verified student/alumni
* Nice design
* Free
* My friend's can't see that I am on it
* Got my first date super fast

* Student and alumni focused, so it's a bit limited
* Too many privacy features, sometimes it's tedious to handle them

Kate Black does recommend DateMySchool to friends/family

DateMySchool - Seems good at first, then useless


This website catches your interest at first, but it doesn\'t hold it. The aim of the website seems valid, and some of the people are quite nice, but in the end, there a few search features, the matchmaking part of it (\'magic match\') is so bad it\'s ludicrous and it just generally falls short of other dating websites. Online dating in general is going to have drawbacks, but other websites have far fewer. Don\'t waste your time with this one.

Free and limited to .edu address.

Pretty much everything else and what I said in the review.

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