eLove Review - Old and Ugly

eLove - Old and Ugly


I have been with Elove for a few months now and I hate it. I had my first date with a gentleman who acted retarded (really I thought he was), then I had a gentleman that was fat and smelled of smoke, next came the grandpa type. I keep getting gentlemen that are old, way over weight not trimmed and toned like I get told over and over and who are not active at all. I'm 52 and have boundless energy. I'm asking for the guys to be younger and at least fit. None of them have been. The price is steep and the matchmakers don't care at all. They try to convince you that you are all wrong. If I would have researched this better no way would I ever have signed on for such a mess. Do not waste your time and your money!! Go to the free sites - they are no worse than this.

I can't think of anything nice to say.

Lies deceit and steal your money. You get very little for what you pay for and you do pay dearly.

Mary does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family


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