eLove Review - disappointed

eLove - disappointed


I still have some good life left in me but they seem to be taking a little too much of it. Having invested some 2000 bucks and meeting women with some serious attitudes and or just not compatible in any way, i feel as though they do not know me at all. My life and livelihood are somewhat different and I do need to meet a woman capable of dealing with this lifestyle but instead they push women that clearly have no compatibility with me at all.
In addition, all the women they introduced me to live a considerable distance away, as if san jose does not have any single women available despite a population of well over a million. I simply cannot maintain a relationship some 50 miles away.
So i give up on them and would ask that anyone reading this try another more efficient and helpful dating service.
dave flowers

nice people but somewhat inattentive and lacking focus and follow-up.

I am a tattoo artist who travels a lot. I have no desire to meet women with young children, women who cannot or will not travel and women who have sedentary lifestyles and do not enjoy exercise or the outdoors.
In addition, I will not travel great distances to meet someone. Fifty miles is just too far. Its a big town here and i am somewhat dismayed that Elove is unable to find someone a little closer to home.
On another note, my most recent date was with a woman who had never left the state of california, yet she claimed to love traveling... to where? The same girl also claimed to love bike riding but mentioned to me she had not ridden a bicycle since "she was 12 years old". Its the little things that did it to me.

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