eLove Review - ELove Scam Scam Scam

eLove - ELove Scam Scam Scam


I signed up for Elove and am still paying dearly for it. It was a pressure sale and in the end the guys that I went out with were nuts!! Had one that had a 3 x 5 card with him on the date and wrote down - in front of me - everything we did! Had another that smoked, smelled and was just not "right", then there was the person who had pregnant daughters and proceeded to tell me how bad his life was.

I reported each and everyone each time - and those aren't even the highlights!! They said they never got any bad reviews on these people - like hell!

After 7 dates we were done. No more allowed after that. In one year that's all I got. Now a 2nd year later I'm still paying a bill. The contract is air tight. I'll be glad when it's paid off.

Do Not ever bother with this crap!!

I ended up on a free sight and met a wonderful man. Actually on the free sight - yes I dated a few nuts - but mild and as least free.
Maybe I should start my own sight "Freaks.com" Press one for a little nuts, 2 for medium nuts, and 3 if you want Crazies. I would do better than Elove.

Don't waste your money.

None that I can even think of.

Bad Dates
Excuses about everything
Can't see who will even date - no pics.
Sent me real old guys with no energy - Hey I'm very active!
Way too expensive

Mary does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family


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