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Last updated: February 20, 2017
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Welcome to the best and most popular Filipina dating and personals site used by Filipino singles around the world. We cater to single Filipino women seeking marriage, Philippines singles seeking friendship and anyone Filipino searching for dating and love.

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FilipinoCupid reviews (17):

FilipinoCupid - My view of FC - Horses for Courses


I have been on the site now for 6 weeks, much more than I intended. I will not renew my platinum membership again though in 2 weeks time.
It all depends on what you are looking for from this site. If you are interested in young girls, young enough to be your daughter contacting you and flattering you this is the site for you. But these young girls and beauties (models) are not for real.
However, there really are genuine people on the site. I know because I have met 2 of them, and one of them I really want to marry. I know her children, her brothers, her friends etc etc. But I probably had to trawl through 100 women to find 1 genuine one. Those are the odds you are up against. So genuine love can be found their, but my god do you have to work hard to find it. But you will quickly find out who is genuine and who is not. I guess that's something you will learn quickly yourself.

Some genuine ladies on the site.

98% just want to play, or are getting some kind of remuneration from the site. Why else would 20 year old girls be contacting 56 year old men.

Peter does NOT recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - I wish I could of visit this website sooner.


Bunch of Bullshit. There is not a serious Filipina on this website. Once they ask for your email, skype name, facebook name, or other personal information from you; you are fucked.

Hot ass looking Filipinas on the website. Look for Filipinas in your own country. Go to a bar, school, library, or other place in your country. Hi how are you? I saw you sitting, standing, dancing, reading, jogging, or other; and I want to get to know you because you seem like an interesting person I would enjoy talking or other bullshit that does not require sex.

Bunch of Crap. Do not try it... you are going to get scam. Do not let me tell you I told you so.

Roger does NOT recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - I just started out


hhhhhmmmmm. I've only been on a few days but am definitely getting a lot of hits. The ladies are by in large reasonably good looking but luckily some don't look like fashion models so it gives a sense of honesty and sincerity. These women appear real and very interested. The on line prompt feature is nice---while you are viewing their profile you wre informed if they are on line. Some of the reviews were very helpful. I estimated $10---$12,000 for the whole process from meeting to marriage so that seems good. The problem is how credible and reliable is the info and how serious are the ladies? I wonder if there is some kind of local service in the Philippines that will independently vette the ladies and set up an "arranged meeting"? Does this site do that? That would be a big help.

Rea,l reasonably good looking women who seem genuinely interested. The pictures and info definitely get you motivated to look.

Apparent lack of the ability to get any reliable 3rd party verification of the info in the profiles. But any search for love is going to have its risks...this does have promise. I will have to see where I'm at in a month. The other reviews were helpful.

William does recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - FilipinoCupid Is Mostly A Fraud


I joined this site on a one month membership to meet a woman in the Phillipines. The first day I got well over 100 emails & "Interested" notes. The girls don't read your profile so if you are like me and don't want to inherit a family or don't want kids, it does not make a difference. Every girl on this site emails everyone regardless of what YOU want. I even got emails from senior citizens. Every Instant Message request I got the person was in Ghana because of a sick family member or death. When I realized it was pretty much a hassle/scam I contacted the site for a partial refund and they said no since I had already used the site and they have no way of veriyfing who /where their members actually are.

A nice photo gallery of girls in swimsuits and lingerie that is nice to look at.

Most of the girls on the site are fakes & liars.

Mark does NOT recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - serious relationship? look elsewhere. Wanna have f


in 1 sentence: this site is full of visa seeking gorgeous girls.

i am australian 39 yr old, seperated male, and i joined up with this site about 4 months ago, and stayed a gold member for 2 months, and afternthat 2 motnhs i deleted my account. during that time i met quite a number of girls, more than a fair share, which gave me a lot experience how to deal with these women.

once you join up you will get a lot interests and messages from girls 15~20 years younger than you. i mean MANY MANY girls. and most of them are gorgeous (if you like asian women).

however, here's a simple trick to see if you are really desirable for who you are, or are these women just after a visa:

SEND A MESSAGE TO A WOMAN IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY to see if she's interested in you. the only way these hot ~20yr olds want to be with you is because you live in a western country.

regardless, i ended up visiting phils for a week, and never spent a night alone, all different girls. i made my arrangements before going there, booked a few different hotels, and scheduled to meet a girl for everyday. do not be disheartened if they seem conservative: they ALL will spend their night with you. after all, there's a possibility that you will pick her to bring back to australia. oh and definitely use protection!!!

so if you are really after a GENUINE LOVING RELATIONSHIP, look for her in your own country. otherwise you will never know if they want you for yourself, or your passport.

you get rockstar treatment from gorgeous girls.

noone is genuinely interested in who you are.

ian does NOT recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - It is what it is...


I have been on there for about a month. I have not upgraded as of yet because I dp not totally trust the site. Why? Well, 98% of the women on there do not pay for an upgrade so they can read and receive IMs. There is something wrong with that I thing, or at the very least suspect. I am always leary of any dating sites. I have met and almost married a woman from one. You have to be careful no matter if it is a site from overseas or not. I make sure I set up a seperate id account for dating sites from my regular e-mail accounts for security purposes. As tje guy said before; if she is too good to be true, she probably is just that. Do not let your ego get you in trouble. Remember there are men over there trying to get at them as well.

Good way to spend some down time. Some of the pictures on there are pretty hot! Most that contact me are my age.

Most of the scammers are amatuers. You can tell most of them because they do not spell very well and the profile says 'bachelor degree'. Personal pics do not match profile pics. 99% of the female profiles are standard and cannot correspond unless YOU upgrade, but they claim that they are 'interested' in you, funny.

FilipinoCupid - It worked for me!


I met my fianc?e on this website. I'm 34 and she is an attractive, sweet, and down-to-earth 21-year-old. I paid $60 for a 3 month membership and got over 700 interests and 200 e-mails. You have to sift through a lot of garbage, but if you use the right strategy, then you can be successful. 1) Don't go for the perfect 10's. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. My fianc?e considers herself average looking in the Philippines but I like Asian women, so she's beautiful to me. She doesn't realize how pretty she is. Women who do know, learn to use their looks to manipulate men. 2) Go for a country girl. My fianc?e is from a town with 40,000 people, lives with her parents, and all her siblings live in that town. She's innocent. It's harder to trust women in Manila because people often learn how to be corrupt to survive in big cities. The provincial women tend to be more kind and simple people and are very connected/family-oriented. 3) Make it a requirement in your profile that she has to have a yahoo messenger or Skype account and a webcam and microphone. If you can't see and hear her, then you're missing out on a lot of verbal and non-verbal cues that help you tell if she is really into you or not. 4) Act fast. Once you make contact with a woman you like, try to get her to talk to you on Skype for at least an hour everyday. Really get to know her. 5) Get on a plane and go see her. I talked to my fianc?e on Skype for 6 weeks and then went to her town and lived in her parents' house with her and her relatives for 3 weeks. Get to know her family and what kind of people they are. 6) Trust your instincts. By the end of the 3 weeks, I knew I had the right woman for me. We've talked on Skype everyday since and are working on the K-1 fianc?e visa process right now, which in America takes 8 to 10 months to complete. 7) Before you even think of starting this process, make sure you're committed to it. Have 10,000 USD saved up. That's how much you should budget for the whole process. You have to pay for courting, plane tickets, hotels, and immigration fees (medical check up, interview, transportation to get your fianc?e to the embassy, application costs, etc.). It adds up! And the immigration process is very tedious. If you don't have that kind of time and savings, then don't waste your time or the Filipinas by casually posting a profile on FilipinoCupid. Good luck!

The match feature is good. Also, you can save multiple searches and name them. In each one you can specify what you're looking for: height, weight, education level, English ability, age, location and km radius, etc. They also let you keep track of all your favorites.

The Filipinas can e-mail you for free, but you have to pay to read their e-mails. Also, I spent dozens of hours on that site sifting through profiles and sending out e-mails. It's addictive. A lot of women may appear online, but when you try to chat with them, they don't answer. Also, you can't see them in real-time unless you pay extra. That's why in my first e-mail to a woman, I would ask for her yahoo or Skype usernames. I made a big list of contacts on yahoo and Skype knowing my FilipinoCupid membership was only temporary. Also, it's good to become FB friends, so you can see all their pics on there and read their posts and see who their friends are, so get their e-mail addresses and send out friend requests.

Mark Loker does recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - be smart


i agree wholeheartedly with stein. i have been a paid member of this site on and off. many of the young real pretty girls are scammers but they are fairly easy to weed out if u use your head between your shoulders instead of the other one. when i have found a scammer, i would send the site my proof, like they asked for money and their profile is turned off imediately. there were many times a cutie sent me a mail and i go to her profile and its gone already. so they do try to get rid of them.
if you are a middle aged man, go for an older women, the old men that get young girls are not liked much there and most of those women are looking for a sugar daddy
philipino women in general are very sweet, i have found a few nice women, just not one i am ready to make the big trip for yet.

eric does recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - BEWARE


I've sent them check for membership.... They didn't change my profile and don't even answer my e-mails! SCAM!

Don't pay them! Don't send ANY money to Global Collect! Bunch of scammers!

Watch out!

Peter F does NOT recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

FilipinoCupid - Marketing


On the one hand I'm not sue why anyone would choose a site like this one when there are quality sites like Christian Filipina out there. On the other hand I guess Cupid has the biggest marketing budget like godaddy.



John Wirtz does NOT recommend FilipinoCupid to friends/family

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