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Last updated: May 16, 2018
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Find-Bride has thousands of Russian and Ukrainian brides who are really beautiful, intelligent and sexy. They seek compatible partners for real long term-relationship and marriage - not just of convenience, but family-oriented, kind sincere men for a mutual happiness. These single Russian women and Russian girls want to love and be loved and they have joined our online dating service to find true love and get married.

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Find-Bride - I think I found her despite all the difficulties


I hope met my woman on and now I have real friend who supports me and respects my feelings. She is a woman from Russia and at first we had some troubles with misunderstanding, but now everything is stabile. I know that there are more beautiful ladies on the site and younger than she, but I like her very much, I think I found her despite all the difficulties we had brfore. I know, there are a lot of reviews, but I hope I was lucky and wish you all the best.

Tom does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - Find Bride Women Scammers


I have used Find-Bride for 7 years. Most of the women only want emotional attention. They have no weekly marriage testimonies. These women have admitted to me in live chat that they get paid to chat with men. Longer the chat the more the minutes the more they get paid. They take exclusive expensive travels based on more men chatting with them.

ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. How many women have successfully migrated to another nation? How many marriage testimonies?

These women are fake, are have social media profiles showing they are married with children, and these women demand gifts.

Notice a FB woman cannot gift a man, as this website is sexist against men. There is NO equality on this website, as its about taking man's money.

Their letters are scripted and mass distributed. Some other male friends and I got the same letters, from many different women. 1 woman sends 1 letter out to several men. Why? Simple she gets paid for each letter!

Don't waste your time on these women, or site.


Professional Photography

100% Scammers

Dee does NOT recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - I was very skeptical about this


At first I was very skeptical about this, though after the sign up I can say you there are real women too. Of course all of them are different in communication, though not all of them answer. And not all woman happy to meet the same you. But I chatting with one lady. She seemed to be glad to meet me. She is not so young as other ladies on the site but she is understand me. Maybe it was luck for me to meet her on this site.

Not all woman are happy to meet you

Stewart does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - I didnít believe in online dating


found my girlfriend on several months ago, and before this I didnít believe in online dating and serious relations on a distance. But now I can say it exists and if you hesitate you are just wasting your time and lifeÖ You should better try your luck and maybe everything will change in a minute.

Maybe I was lucky

Kennet does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - no bad at all


This site is no bad at all, but I wish to have more quickly video chat. Sometimes it very slow. Maybe it depends on Net connection of the lady, donít know

Dave does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - I met Russian lady from my country abroad


I was born in Russia. But a few years ago I moved to the United States. I tried to build a relationship here but it did not work out for me. I found this site then. It's very interesting to talk with my compatriots. I still do not know where I will live, maybe I will return to Russia. I'm not young already, but I found some ladies almost my age, they look very good. Better than many ladies here. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. While nothing serious, we just talk. But I definitely like it. I am sure that one of the girls is very close to me and we can get something.

a lot of letters, some girls are too young

Peter does recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - Women don't exist


I contacted the agency during my stay in Kiev
I asked to meet the 5 ladies success rate. 000000000
Tried the true AFA Agency they introduced me to my first date. At the Agency and from that point on a simple phone call and the interpreter showed up with my next 5 dates at my hotel
AFA's Agency is #1 no gimmicks

AFA's forward American's

Avoid Find a Bride

Don does NOT recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - Find-Bride the scammers


I was a member of the site for six month, two times I requested lady info, not cheap! Once received ladies information, she cancel her account. Information that Find-Bride gave me was no good. I make complain, some lady name Maria cancel my account.

I send ladies information to the US Embassy in Kiev. This agency should be shut down, later I found out that the two ladies I was communicate with, Ksenya and Darya was sending the same letters to my friend. I should know they were fake by the info in there profile, Doctor with only high school education.

Create a second account and you will see the proof. Also in less than twenty minutes once registered, you will received over 200 letters.
Stay away..!

William does NOT recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - This agency need to be shut down


I was a member of this site for three years, when I told my lady I am coming to visit her. Her account immediately suspended. Then I have my friend to create a account. All letters I received is exactly the same letter in my friend account.
I was in Kiev and the agency fail to meet with me, men's I am warning you, stay away from this site, nothing more than paid model and translator that is writing or communicating to you.
Scams, bloody scammers and thief. The manager Polly when I told her about the scams, she and Maria cancel my account. You all need to be in prison..!

Ramsey does NOT recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

Find-Bride - Ripoff dating site


I was on this site, damn near got conned out of money for a camera, and there were numerous profiles of ladies on other sites, got a wad of letters, too. Stay off of this site.


Complete waste of time.

David does NOT recommend Find-Bride to friends/family

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